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you are starlight, I’m Galileo. Okay no, no I’m not.

I got a new breadmaker. Well… it’s not a brand new breadmaker, but it’s new to me. Believe it or not, someone I don’t even know GAVE it to me! All because I posted an inquiry on a facebook group I am a part of. I know… I can’t even believe it myself! Gotta love facebook. Got. To. LoveIt.

So that said I have a loaf of cinnamon bread on a delay ready to be warm and freshly baked at 6am tomorrow morning. Exciting. That and coffee will give me enough motivation to slip out of my bed and start that lovely things-to-do-that-I-do-every-single-day-but-they-always-get-undone-so-I-have-to-do-them-all- over-again list. I love that list. Yes, yes I do. Wait, no I don’t.

I went to an Amy Grant concert this weekend. I did!!! I used to think I was her biggest fan but I must say I know someone else who takes the cake. It’s okay though, I was still a pretty big fan growing up. I wanted to be her, or at least sing like her. No seriously, I had a life size Amy Grant in my room… Should I be admitting that? I had to remove her from my room though because she always scared me,… peering over my bed… looking at me as I slept. I seriously wonder what my “spending-the-night friends” thought. I bet they were jealous. Jealous of my life size Amy. Yep.

Dear friends that spent the night with Amy peering over them as they slept,

I apologize for any life long fears you may have encountered from my cardboard Amy. She might be creepy -  peering over you in your sleep as her flat cardboard self – but she’s pretty neat to see in concert. You’ll find yourself tapping your foot and bobbing your head to her music, even though others around you might be sitting completely still… thus making you stand out kinda in a sore thumbish way….. yeah…. that didn’t happen to me at all.


That one girl who was bobbing her head to the music.

Annnnyyyyy way. Thanks Hubs for fulfilling my childhood dream. You.Are.Coolness.

Um…. I just got a very strange text. Is it strange when a wrong number asks if you want to make out? I’m thinkin’ yes. Yes it is. No stranger I don’t want to make out with you. Geesh.

I have to give credit to Daniel for my response. He’s pretty hilare.

The End.

…sort of. I woke up and as I was eating this delicious bread I realized I didn’t leave the recipe! How rude. Anyway it was the best I’ve tried! …I should say, it’s the only cinnamon bread I’ve tried, so folks a better bread just might exist… but still it’s good enough to prevent another search for a new recipe.

I googled “best bread maker cinnamon honey wheat” and got a recipe from this site and adapted it a bit to resemble the wheat recipe that is so far a winner in this house. You can try it exactly how she made it and I’m sure it’d be just as good, possibly better, who knows! I’ll be doing it like this:

Cinnamon bread (for the bread machine)

• 1 cup of warm water

• 1/4 cup of honey

• 1 teaspoon of salt

• 2 tablespoons of oil (I usually use raw virgin coconut oil but I was out so I just used canola oil, I’m sure I will love coconut even more!)

• 1 1/2 cups of bread flour (or better for bread flour)

• 1 1/2 cups of wheat flour

• 2 heaping teaspoons of cinnamon

• 2 teaspoons of yeast

For best results follow the directions of your bread maker but here is what I did:

Pour water, honey, salt, & oil in bottom of bread pan. Add flour on top of the wet ingredients making sure to SPOON flour into your measuring cup DO NOT SCOOP FLOUR WITH MEASURING CUP. Why??? Well to be honest I have no idea, I’m no scientist, but my bread maker manual says this in bold capital letters and tells me if I do not follow this instruction I will end up with dry bread *gasp* so I have chosen to obey… so far, so good! I should also say I try to pour my flour into the bread pan as level as possible so that the flour looks more like flat ground and less like a mountain. Then add cinnamon around the edges of the flour and make a small well in the middle of the flour to add your yeast. (Apparently preventing it from touching the water before it’s supposed to…. I’m guessing that’s bad news).

Turn bread machine on desired settings (I did wheat bread & light) and viola! A yummy loaf of bread will soon follow!

I served it with butter this morning and K begged me to open up a store. Apparently it is that good folks. You can thank me later ;) .

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