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Good afternoon. Gude Aftahnoon. In case you couldn’t tell, that second part was “good afternoon”… said with an accent,… or as my girls would say “my new language”. Seriously, my girls are constantly talking to me with new accents telling me “hey mom, listen to my new language!”. The church we go to has many people from all around the world attending and I now wonder: do my girls hear these children speaking with foreign accents and not realize that they are actually speaking English??? They must think to themselves “wow! I can understand so many languages!”.

We are going to the pumpkin patch today & I am sooooo excited. I can’t tell you how close we came to missing it again this year. We’ve been battling sickness all week but today I’m happy to say: we are better! I made chocolate chip pumpkin cookies in honor of the occasion & they turned out to be AMAZING! I will try to blog on it sometime this week… maybe along with some pumpkin patch pics!

Edit: Scratch the ‘better’ we got in the car & realized H still had a fever. Temp @ 101. Oops… we went anyway though. Bad us. Just couldn’t bear to repeat last year.

So with fall foods in mind, I thought I would blog on the apple butter I have been making & devouring. I.Love.Apple.Butter…. for many reasons… of which I will list off to you in case you need some reasons to love it too.

1. It makes my house smell like fall. Nothing quite like the smell of cinnamon apples to put me in a good mood….it reminds me of the smell of my grandma’s apple pie. It’s like fall potpourri… but much much better, and it doesn’t get dusty. Yeah, not a fan of potpourri, so scratch that. We’ll just say it smells “wonderly-underful”…. girls: that’s my new language… it means ‘wonderful’.

2. It’s good for you. Seriously. No sugar and only sweetened by the apples themselves, not even “better-for-you” sweeteners… strictly apples.

3. It’s a great alternative to jelly (which I rarely buy anymore, though I love me a good homemade jam!) for K’s sandwiches.

side note: I should say if you choose to use it in place of jelly make sure you lightly spread peanut butter on both sides of the sandwich because apple butter can make the sandwich a bit more soggy than jelly or honey does.

4. It’s also yummy on toasted english muffins, pancakes, waffles, or fresh homemade bread.

5. It’s my favorite color…  Okay no it’s not my favorite color. But I’m running out of reasons here…

You get the point right? I love it.


• Gala (or other sweet non-green) apples. I used about 5lbs for this amount.

• Cinnamon

• Pumpkin pie spice

• Nutmeg

• Ginger

Keep in mind, the spices I just do to my own taste, so if you don’t like one of them, or don’t have one – don’t worry about it. Cinnamon is the most important spice in it, if you don’t use cinnamon I doubt it will be good. I’m just sayin…

1. Peel your apples. I used this handy gadget my grandma got me & my apples were peeled in a jiffy!

2. Cut your apples into slices. This handy gadget makes it go really quick as well.

3. I slice them and just set them in a pile until I am finished with my gadget.

4. Throw away cores and start chopping the slices a bit smaller. Cut off the tips that the peel is still on or any seeds that might have been missed by your gadget (if you chose to use one).

5. Put apples in pot.

6. Pour your spices. Lots of cinnamon, a little nutmeg, a little ginger, and a little more pumpkin pie spice on top.

7. I add maybe 1/8th of a cup of water, not a ton, but enough that makes me feel like the apples won’t burn.

8. Turn your burner on high until it starts to smell like it’s cooking, (probably about 5-10 minutes) then turn it to low.

9. Let it cook all day long on low, coming back to stir every hour or so. (I cooked mine for about 8 hours). I’m no scientist but I think the longer it cooks the sweeter it is, which is why it’s okay to not add any sugar or sweetener. When I tasted it after about 4 hours of cooking it was still slightly tart but my end result is perfectly sweet.

Process will look like this (first picture taken after about 4 hours of cooking):

10. Once apple butter starts looking like buttery paste it should be done. There is no need to mash the apples they should mash a bit as you mix when you check on them. That said, when you are finished make sure if there are any chunks you smash them up.

There you have it!!! If you try it let me know what you think :) . Try it on pancakes for a Saturday breakfast in place of anything sugary, it’s better for you & tastes so good!

P.S. On my last post I had an inquiry about what “hoops” I jumped through to get pregnant. I’m not completely comfortable with sharing it to the world, a.k.a putting it in a blog post with all the wonderful details. But if any of you are in the situation of trying to get pregnant and need advice please feel free to email me and I will do my best to help you with the info that I’ve acquired. I’m no expert, and I’m sure there are many who know more than I do, but I am definitely willing to give pointers and prayers for anyone who needs them. Feel free to email me what you are going through here and I’ll do my best to email you back with pointers and what worked for us or any nameless others that I know.

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