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Today is my Dad’s birthday. It’s been awhile since a birthday blog… kinda. In “real” days it has at least, but I suppose I haven’t blogged a ton since E’s birthday. We’ll just pretend I have okay? So it’s been a LOOOOONNNNGGG time ;) .

Anyway thought I would share some random facts about one of the people I came from ;) .

• My Dad has always been the biggest 49ers fan I know. Seriously, the guy has countless Wheaties boxes saved simply because they have a 49er on them. I remember when I was little and sitting in the living room and my Dad had us all in the middle and was telling us about the 49ers and Joe Montana. I remember thinking my dad liked Joe so much, he must definitely be my uncle. Seriously. Thankfully I became aware of the fact that he was not before sharing with my friends this thought…. hopefully. And if I did ever say it out loud, well I apologize for lying. Gotta love Joe.

• My Dad used to play ‘pincher bugs’ with us with his hands. The pincher bugs would talk to us and try to get us. There was one nice one and one not so nice one who just tried to mimic the other.

• Around when we first got the internet and my Dad was first using it, or trying to, I remember looking over at the desk and seeing him standing on his chair with his hands out:

Me: “Dad… what are you doing…???”
My Dad: “surfing the net!”

… hmm…. wonder how long he’d been standing there waiting for me to notice. hehe.

• My parents would come in and pray for us every night before bed. I remember some nights being told to go to bed but instead my brother, sister and I would put pillows in our bed so that it “looked” like we were in bed but we’d run off and hide in laundry baskets and such (which by the way was the best hiding spot ever). My Dad would then come looking for us and in hindsite, man what a good sport he was! As a parent, I could see that getting annoying but we always found it to be quite hysterical.

• I have this clear memory of my dad holding me in church and sometimes letting my feet touch the top of the pew as though I was standing on it. I think of this every once in awhile when I hold my girls in church… How they will remember the time when they were once little, and their mommy & daddy would hold them and sing.

• I took something like 9 classes from my Dad in college. To be quite honest I was slightly worried about taking his classes. I am a major doodler, to say the least.  I doodle all through classes but I’m always paying attention, in fact it helps me. I was worried it’d appear like I wasn’t. My Dad ended up being my favorite professor hands down and didn’t care about my doodles.

• My Dad likes burnt popcorn. No he doesn’t just tolerate it, he purposely burns his popcorn because to him it tastes better.

• Our family used to vacation in Santa Cruz every Summer because that’s where my grandparents lived. My Dad used to take us to this baseball card shop that sold some of their cards for a penny each. He’d let us rummage through the boxes and pick out a hundred cards. I always picked the cute guys and later on collected the colorful pretty cards. He never gave me a hard time about it, just enjoyed that I was into it regardless of the angle I approached collecting my cards from.

• He has always welcomed Daniel into our family and Daniel has always felt completely comfortable with him.

• He reads more books than anyone I know, and he also labels them with color coded tape to keep track of how many times he has read them.

• He stays up SUPER late every single night… I mean so late that it’s no longer night… I have never ever known my dad to go to bed early… ever. One of my favorite memories of being past “bedtime” age and living at home was staying up chatting with my dad late at night. I have since had to re-train my husband into becoming a night owl… he tries… he really does.

• I never wanted to grow up and move away from my parents. (My little H is the same way – she is worried she won’t be able to find me anymore once she grows up, haha. Sooooo adorable). I used to insist that my husband, children, and I would all live with my parents forever and my Dad used to insist that I would pay rent. He was joking, of course, but loved the concern that would rile up in me. Anyway I remember the night before we moved me to college he offered to pay me to stay. I knew all those years he was just pullin my leg. ;)

• I swear my parents were amazing at raising kids & teenagers,…. I mean just look at me ;) . haha, I kid, I kid. But honestly, my Dad (and mom) always trusted us to make the right choices, encouraged us to think for ourselves, and 100% believed in us. I was never a rebellious teenager — ever. But I will tell you I truly believe it is because I was believed in and trusted, and not because I was bound by parental control.

• When I was a little girl he used to sing me a song that went: “Daddy loves his little girl, Daddy loves his baby girl, Daddy loves his pumpkin pie girl, Daddy loves her sooooo much! Daddy loves her soooooo much!” & now he sings it to my girls (and the boy version to my nephews): “Grandpa loves his little girl, Grandpa loves his baby girl, Grandpa loves his pumpkin pie girl, Grandpa loves her soooooo much! Grandpa love her sooooo much!” Awwwwww. I loved it so much and now they love it so much.

Love you Daddy! God could not have blessed me with better!

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  • Cherylyn

    I love this! I love your relationship with your dad! He is amazing! So blessed by your family.

  • Jacque Grubbs

    Wow, how is it that I never knew you wrote this either???  You seriously need to tell your momma when you write, I love your writing and love how you capture the people you love:)  Daddy is a great one for sure!!

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