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or whoever you are, reading my randomness.

Happy 6-11 day.

So this week… is THEE week. The week I have been waiting for since I was like 11 years old. I can remember talking about this week on the phone with Morgan way back in junior high… oh I’m sorry did I say “way back”??? What I meant was um like…. 5 years ago… yeah that’s what I meant. Woosh, how embarrassing. Annnyyyywaaaayy I can remember talking about the day in our future when we’d celebrate 11/11/11. You see every year we look forward to 11/11 day. Yep, our holiday. “5-11 day” if you want the official name; named because there are FIVE elevens: 11/11 at 11:11 and 11 seconds. We. Are. Awesome. It is the ONLY day out of the entire year that only one number repeats itself, any other day has at least a zero in it. (Example: 02/22/22 02:22 and 22 seconds…  definitely NOT as cool).

For years we’d light a candle each year at 11:11 and blow it out at 11:12….. Is that weird? Probably. But like I said: We. Were. Awesome. We even exchanged 5-11 cards with a good friend of ours.

So the day we’ve been waiting for is almost here! Only 3 days away. I can’t believe it myself! We are going to go out of town to celebrate, and I don’t know maybe do 11 wonderful things in honor of the only 6-11 day we will ever experience. My girls are stoked, as am I folks. As. Am. I.


For the last month or two H likes to remind me of the reason she loves her sister K. Any guesses? Could it be because she aboslutely ADORES her company? Nope.

“Mom do you know why I love K? It’s because she teaches me about what hate means. And that’s why I love her. Because she teaches me about hate!”

“Mom I’m making K a necklace. Because she teaches me about hate!!! And so I love her and I have to make her a necklace!”

“I just love my sister! She teaches me about hate!”

Well H… that is good to know. I am glad you now know about hate. Let’s try to avoid it existing in our lives. :) I just love that girl.

Missing that 2 year old voice.

Speaking of H, she’s a crack up. Seriously to know this girl is to love her. So for the last few months she’s been longing after her two year old voice. What kind of kid reminisces about what their voice used to sound like? Well… my kind of kid.Typical conversation of ours while in the car to pick up K.

H: Mom I miss my two year old boice. Now I just have my three year old boice but I liked my two year old one bettah.

Me: Awe, you miss your boice?

H: No mom…. not “B”oice. Boice.

Me: Oh your “V”oice.

H: Yes. I miss my two year old Boice.

Speaking of Mary

Poppins that is. In case you didn’t catch on to my title reference. I’ve spent all week snapping at my house. What am I doing wrong? I see no laundry folding itself, no toys jumping into their boxes, no birds singing at my window… *sigh*… just as well. Guess I’ll be needing one more spoon full of sugar… or agave, it’s ever so popular healthy alternative… that while it may or may not be “better” for you, I am not altogether convinced is “healthy”. What is healthy anyway? It’s all so overwhelming. My motto? Moderation…. & making everything at home to the best of my ability…. & eating lots of chocolate chip cookies.

Kidding about that last part. Kind of.

Speaking of Julie Andrews

It took me years and years to know that Mary & Maria were the same person. And yet… my girls noticed right away “Mom Maria looks a lot like Mary Poppins!!!” What??? Tell me I’m not the only one. I watched these movies countless times and didn’t get that until I was much older. What does this mean? My girls are genuis? Or I’m just…. not.

k gotta go.

E’s been on my lap feeding me fake food as I type, but I’m thinking she’s getting quite bored of it.




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  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    i hope you had a good time celebratting 6 11 day. :)

    my recent post: a list of random thoughts

  • Bethany Scofield

    That is way too much fun. I forgot to ask you how your 11-11-11 day was and what you did at 11:11:11 or if you missed it :) I totally missed it both times and at 11:12 at night saw the clock and curses and swears. Not really curses and swears but “aw man!” Hope you didn’t miss it… changing a diaper or something. ;)

  • Cherylyn

    I love this! You and your girls are hysterical. I also did not connect the dots with Mary/Maria until much older

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