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by Nichole on December 17, 2011 · 2 comments


Truth: I am the most indecisive Christmas shopper you will ever meet. Well… maybe not ever — that’s quite the statement… but I am pretty indecisive. Let’s just say I have a lot of stores I need to make returns to. I’m just sayin’.

A random person gave me a $10 Target gift card tonight. It made my night. Thanks random Target shopper!

So this is a quick blog but I wanted to show  some ornaments I did with my girls a few weeks ago. It appears to me that we have too much tulle in our house. Why you ask? Well I overestimate… all the time. Overestimating + making tutus several times = too.much.tulle. It was time to do something with it.

You’ll need:

• Not even a yard of tulle (for 24 ornaments).

• A bag of multi colored sequins.

• 24 clear ornaments.

• 2 adorable children.

Cut tulle in 2 different strips (about 1.5 inches wide).

Stuff in ornament with a paper clip.

Sprinkle in as many sequins as you wish.

Shake them up & you’re finished :) . These were so easy my girls made all of them and I love them on our tree! What a wonderful way to use something just lying around waiting to be put to good use & the best part is, if we ever get sick of them, we can empty them out and think of another new fun way to decorate our tree.


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