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Today folks is the day my second born turns FOUR! Seems so much older than 3 to me, less of a toddler and more of a little girl.

side note: this morning as I was telling H that she was 4 TODAY (because she asked me when it was going to happen) her response: “Ughhhhh, what if people find out????”

side note #2: Last night H was super tired when we got home and emotional/half asleep as we pulled up the driveway. She wanted to be carried inside the house but neither Daniel or I had the hands to do so. As she walked in holding my hand she cried “I don’t like last day being 3, nobody holds me anymore…” Awwwww, rest assured that the first thing Daniel did this morning was pick her up out of her bed and make it known that she is a 4 year old being carried by her daddy.

So per my bday blogs, I thought I’d give you some random facts on my H girl.

• She was born Dec 21st weighing in at 8lbs 13.5 ounces and 22.5 inches.

birth story photos by Myriah Grubbs

• We tried for her for what seemed like forever but it was only 10 months. Although… anyone who has REALLY tried for a baby, (and I’m talking on your mind night and day, possibly using fertility, fertility monitor, charting, and so on) knows that 10 months of obsessing over getting pregnant can feel like an eternity. It was pretty hard on me  and because I wasn’t ovulating even with fertility I wasn’t sure that we’d have another. Our ultimate plan was to skip March/April to avoid having a December baby, so that he/she wouldn’t have to be born so close to Christmas. Well…. obviously we decided to throw that idea out the window and what did we get but a baby girl due December 22nd & had I not been induced, I’m not convinced she wouldn’t have been born on Christmas day.

• Her first & middle name mean “safe place” and “noble strength”. When asked her opinion, K would say no to every name we suggested UNTIL we came up with “H A”. From that moment that is what K called the baby in my belly. Up until birth we were uncertain of whether we’d end up calling her but that name stuck.

• She is the funniest little person you will ever meet. I’m not kidding since before she could even talk she’s had us cracking up. Though… she does not like being called funny, she just wants to be cute. I’ve spent hours trying to convince her that funny IS cute but her usual response is: “I’m not funny, I’m just cute.” followed by: “okkkkaaayyyy, I can be funny and cute…” Be sure if you ever call her funny, you include that she is also cute.

• She is a wonderful little sister. If K wants something she will give it to her. She’s very self sacrificing and has a great deal of care for the people she loves.

family photo by Myriah Grubbs

• She’s always been very determined to say words correctly. I constantly hear her correcting her little friends around her who pronounce things slightly wrong (like most kids do) on how to really say that word. When she was first learning to talk we joked that she would talk like a robot because she was so slow to get things out, making sure to say them just right.

• She makes what we call the “H” face and has since she was a baby. It’s basically a funny pucker of the lips. She does it constantly.

• She was in panties by 18 months. Pretty much completely motivated by herself. She just one day came up to me and told me she had to go, and I took her thinking she was playing a game.

photo by Myriah Grubbs

• She recognized all her letters before she was 2 years old and has been able to write them all at 3. She is so smart and pays attention even when you think that she isn’t.

• She, along with my other 2 girls, LOVES to cuddle and always has. I swear up until about 18 months she rarely spent time away from my hip or my lap…. and now she’s 4! *Sigh*, it really does go by so fast!! :(

• Everything good and bad in her life happened when she was 2. Seriously. She constantly says “when I was 2, I…..”

• She LOVES her toys. We were away for 2 days a couple months ago and the first thing she said when she walked in the door to our house was: “Toys… I’m home!!!!” She also loves me to play with her “Mom… you betta play….”

photos by Myriah Grubbs

• An example of her hilariousness, I was watching an old video the other day (I believe she was 2) and while singing she paused for thought & said: “God is my dad….. and Jesus is MY mom….. and frog…. is my husband…..” me: “Frog is your husband?” H: “Oopsie…. I was wong you was wight.”

• She loves to sing and make up songs.

• We talk about her all the time but she doesn’t love to be talked about. I usually have to get her permission if she is in the room to say something about her.


I absolutely cannot believe you are 4 years old! Rest assured that you will always always be my baby. You bring so much joy to my life that I never realized was missing until you came to stay. You have a different outlook on life than anyone I know and I love hearing your thoughts. You are so cute I can hardly stand it at times and I love you more than I ever thought possible. You were so sweet today as your main concern was that everyone else was happy and having a good time and you were so carefree in what we did with your day — as long as you got to spend it with us, you were happy. Your love for your friends and your sisters amazes me. I love you up to the moon and back, and to the moon and back, and to the moon and back. Happy Birthday my sweet girl!


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  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    a very sweet post for a very sweet little girl.

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  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com/ Barbie

    What a beautiful girl.  And I love the meaning of her name!  Happy birthday “H”!

  • Bethany Scofield

    Love her! Good job on a birthday blog for her :)

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