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So…. it’s true I haven’t posted in forever. Believe you me, I have thought of posting… heck I’ve even written a few unpublished blog drafts…  all of which have good reason for being left to the sidelines for now, and maybe posted at another time. Needless to say what better way to break my silence than with another birthday blog!! If it weren’t for this birthday… well who knows when I would blog again.

Today is my mom’s birthday…. & what kind of daughter would I be if I didn’t include a birthday post for my wonderful mom!?!? So here we go – random facts about the woman who birthed me ;)

• The day before my mom went in to have me she laid all of their kitchen countertop tile… which was handmade by her might I add (yes she was a potter during my early days — the woman is talented — & doesn’t know how to quit ;) ).

• When I was in 2nd grade I remember having my first sleepover birthday party – of which I decided it’d be a good idea to invite something around 12-14 girls…. to ALL spend the night. I have no recollection of my mom ever arguing with me that the party would be a bad idea, and I have no recollection of any speed bumps aside from one of the girls being a bit afraid at night. Having a daughter who is a year away from her 2nd grade birthday party… I am constantly amazed that my parents let me do that. It was the best first sleepover birthday party a girl could have!

• She is an amazing interior designer. She can see things most people don’t and transform a room or building into something beautiful. Not that it’s ‘interior design’ persé but… just LOOK at my wedding – what was once a gym/sanctuary, turned into something magical. Genuis I tell you. (Photo taken 9 years ago tomorrow :) ).

• Speaking of marriage: my parents are coming up on the 40th anniversary this year. 40th! What a testament their marriage has been to my own. A true example of what a vow looks like. (picture below is from my uncle’s recent birthday party).

• She is an amazing cook. Daniel is constantly thankful for this as her cooking skills have rubbed off on me. (Looking at the picture below makes me wonder HOW that came to be ;) ).

• She is very anointed for leading in worship, not just in the musical on stage sense – though that too – but in just the general day to day. She always reminds me to be thankful and give praise in all circumstances. To push through circumstances that are hard and uncomfortable and keep my heart pure and honoring before God.

• I call my mom every day. No really,… every day. I’m sure any of her assistants could attest to this, and also might think I am the slightest bit crazy?? Perhaps. Maybe it’s because I don’t just call her every day but multiple times a day? And.. maybe that gets annoying? Nah… who could be annoyed to hear MY voice on the other end of the phone ;) . Certainly not you.

• I got my first speeding ticket when I was a senior in high school (& my last). My mom had JUST warned me the week before that a friend of hers — *ahem* tattle tale — had seen me driving fast and she just wanted to give me a heads up that if I were to get a ticket I would be responsible for it. I kind of shrugged her off. C’mon… I was safe… hello! Then of course I had to get a ticket the next week. And even though I was guilty of speeding often on my way from one event to the next, this time even I was unaware of my speediness. I was rushing home (ditching just a teeny bit of class) to get a journal I had forgotten and NEEDED to pass. I was caught driving 45mph in a 35mph zone and to be honest, I really did think it was a 45 mph zone. Big bummer. I was a good kid and usually followed the rules so I remember just crying to the officer that “I’m a good person”.. he was not a nice guy, seriously. So back to school I go, without my journal (which my brother & friend got for me at lunchtime) but uncontrollably crying because of the guilt I felt for doing something wrong. I called and called my mom to confess and she was not available. The rest of the day went on and I was ridden with this guilty feeling like I was lying going throughout my day with my parents not knowing. Guilty conscience much? Needless to say when I finally was able to tell my mom she brushed it off and ended up encouraging me more than anything. I don’t even remember her saying a single frustrated word with me. She told me I’d punished myself enough and that it was okay to make mistakes and learn from them — and believe you me, I did. I can’t tell you how much of an impact that has made on my parenting. Especially having a daughter who punishes herself much like I did. I realize the importance of seeing when it’s okay to let my kid off the hook, and to keep my eye out for times that she is already teaching herself to learn from her own mistake.

• My mom has been with me for all 3 of my labors, which have not been easy or fast. She has been a wonderful coach and doesn’t flinch at all at my first instincts of pushing away all comfort offered (a terrible trait of mine).

• She is beautiful. Seriously, soooo beautiful. I remember when I was younger flipping through my grandma’s photo albums looking at old photos of my mom back when she was my age and wishing I were as pretty as she.

• She is a true friend.. She is there when people need her even when it is inconvenient and uncomfortable. And you know what? Somehow she makes it comfortable. She has a gift for seeing a need and filling it with no need for recognition or thanks.

• She is a weirdo. This is a huge compliment in my book. She can laugh at herself, be goofy, and have fun.

• I’ve mentioned this here before but it’s significant – when I was little I had nightmares nearly every night. There is a chunk of time that I really don’t remember ever having good dreams. I would wake up screaming and crying for my mom, refusing to get out of my bed because – should I get out of the covers – SURELY I would no longer be safe from all the voices and people watching me. I never remember my mom being irritated with me, or bummed out that she was sure to not get a good night of sleep. I also never remember hearing her complain about it the next day or talk about how much she couldn’t wait for me to “get past this phase”. I just remember her laying down next to me in my twin bed praying with me, and singing worship music to me until I fell back asleep.

• She is so good with all of my babies. Just an amazing Nonni (she doesn’t like to be called grandma, lol) in all areas.

I love you mom! I hope this is the best year yet! Thank you for being an example of a good mother, wife, and an amazing woman. You are the best :) !

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  • charis

    well, i have to say that for one, i am very glad you are blogging again.  i enjoy your posts and your humor that leaks through.  i love our mom that we share – she is truly amazing and i want to grow up to be like her too!

    my recent post: being brave

  • Cherylyn

    I agree with Charis. Yay for you blogging. And I love your mom. I am amazed at her humility and legacy. You are blessed. :)

  • jeena smith

    Even i am by profession an Interior Designer in London and i really like the way you celebrated your mom’s birthday!!

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