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So I am only going to post for birthdays okay? Okay.

Ahhhhhhhh, I’m just kidding. I’m starting to get back to myself so hopefully random nothing filled blogs will be back in no time, meanwhile, I bring you yet another birthday blog.

I was going to stick to my siblings, children, husband, and parents but I must add *just* one more. Because after all she has been like a sister to me for all but 10 months of my life (the months where she was not born yet) and she already is part of many memories listed under my sibling’s blogs so… why not? ;)

side note: my first niece was born today! Woo hoo! It wouldn’t be right for me to not mention that at least once on this lovely birthday blog.

Today I bring to you random facts about my cousin Leah.

• When Leah was little she had the best feisty and frustrated faces of anyone I have ever known. I could only wish to have such faces but … alas… I did not and do not posses them. Every once in awhile I get a glimpse of them on my little E and I am so happy that such a thing has been passed down from her auntie Leah.

• Ah, I have so much blackmail on this girl. But it’s all good because if i were to release it I would be embarrassing more than just her. Yes, I would be embarrassing myself. Believe it or not, I have been known to do embarrassing things. Like stage multiple talk shows with Leah & Charis as co-host & my brother as camera man and multiple music videos… it’d be blackmail for my sister as well. 2 words: Amazing Grace.

• She was friends with her now-husband for a long time “before” they started dating. Only problem was they WERE dating!! haha. Okay maybe not, but I’m telling you… they were. lol.

• I remember this strange trip Leah, our cousin Kirstin, and I took to a town about an hour away with my mom to go on a “shopping spree” for my birthday. The reason I call it strange is because I distinctly remember licking each others legs in the car just to prove pretty much that it didn’t gross us out. Should I be admitting to this??? I mean, it’s not just strange,… there’s a chance it might actually SCARE people?! Oops, sorry about that. Anyway if you know Leah at all, this would not surprise you.

• She has a cd out you can purchase here. It.is.amazing. This girl has got talent. I’m not kidding you.

• She is not afraid to try new things and is always up for a challenge. She likes to learn and has passion for whatever it is that she is into at the moment. She is creative and has a gift for making things that some find to be challenging appear to be easy. She also has a gift for spreading this passion to other people. I’m telling you the girl could find a new toilet cleaner and if she believes in it, she will have 10 other friends buying it by the end of the week.

• When she is into something… she is INTO something. Take Gilmore girls for instance….

Just ignore the knives… pointing towards ‘Chris’… a man who sooo did not deserve Lorelai… need I say more?? *our shirts read: Team Luke*

• I have a random memory of laying on her bed upside down and dripping bags of pepperoncini juice into our mouths to see if we could find where the hole was that connects our throat to our nose. Strange… very strange.
• The girl has had about every hair color known to man. Okay well maybe not EVERY hair color but more than I’ve had that’s for sure.

• When we were younger our grandparents lived a few hours away and our families would take turns visiting their house for a week or so at a time during the Summer. Often my stay would follow her stay or visa versa. We had a special mailbox that we created when we were pretty little to leave each other notes in when we’d visit. Our under-the-piano mailbox. Snail mail at it’s finest ;) .

• When we were in junior high we used to walk the beach checking out the fine scenery…. oh did I say junior high? What I meant was high school… wait, college. We also figured the fine scenery must be checking us out as well. Um…. how do I make sure my girls don’t go around checking out fine scenery?! I must know!

I love you Leah! I’m so glad you are my best best buddy ;) . Happy happy birthday!!

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  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    i love this.  i love leah.  i love that my new niece was born on leah’s birthday.  so much love in this post!

    my recent post: a little bit of real life (and my 37.5 week maternity pics!)

  • leah valenzuela

    how did i not see this on my birthday!! i so LOVE you and am so very glad we are best best buddies :) this made me laugh and tear up i loved it and am so blessed beyond words to have such a great cousin!! i love that we are weird and so fun even if it might scare others hehe! i love you :)  

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