A hiatus and a new start.

by Nichole on May 22, 2012 · 2 comments


So has my temporary hiatus proven my point that my blog is not perfect? Yes,… I have failed to be a every week poster… ahhhh, such is life I suppose.  I am hoping that will change but I needed time to get my humor back and find myself again.

You see in the beginning of January I worked for days on a special blog I was ready to post here announcing a miracle that happened to me: I got pregnant — without fertility. It was the first time – literally – I have ovulated on my own in about 15 years,… if ever (I have no idea if the few times I had a cycle before my fertility problems were actually fertile ones). So needless to say, it was a very dear-to-my-heart post just waiting for the perfect time for me to press ‘publish’. Unfortunately… that never happened because the day I was going to post it (my sonogram) was the day I found out that things might not look so good for my pregnancy. It was followed by a blood test that brought news of an inevitable miscarriage and then a terrible and stretched out (6 week long) miscarriage that started the day I would have been 9 weeks along.

So my blog has been something I’ve avoided. One reason being because I had (and still have) a special blog staring me in the face that is now representative of a different emotion for me than it once was. And also because I needed time to find myself again. For me to blog again, I’ve felt like this needs to be addressed.

side note: Even though it didn’t end the way I wanted it to, I am determined to remain thankful that such a miracle happened to me. It’s something I have always dreamed of: getting pregnant on my own. And though it ended in tears, it happened. I got my dream.

Anyway, I am sorry for my hiatus.

Speaking of hiatus, I haven’t really logged on here much (as you can tell) and apparently one of the top searches getting people to my blog this week is the term: “make out with a stranger”. Um….w-o-w. Yikes. Sorry google searchers, I have little advice for you there. I’ve never been that cool…. errrr…. brave???… errrr absent minded and crazy??? Unless you consider a spouse a stranger. For those who do enjoy such an activity and would like one word of advice, here is my one word: germs. Moving on.

So I am happy to say that my *almost* 22 month old is potty trained. Yee Haw! (Okay, that was weird). She will spend her first day in panties tomorrow. It’s been awhile coming and she was ready for it but I am still surprised at how well she has done. It’s okay, you can be jealous for the next 5 seconds. 1….2…..3…..4…..5….. STOP. Now you may be thinking: “oh that lucky duck, she gets to avoid one of the worst parenting chores known to mankind: DIAPERS. Particularly the poopy ones….” Ahhh, think again my friends because my little munchkin has discovered this nugget of truth and has since decided to exchange one part of my day that brings me no pleasure (changing diapers) for another: Laundry.

she looks innocent enough doesn’t she?

That’s right folks. See,… I do my laundry at my dining room table. Partially because I like to imagine having a closet as big as my dining room as opposed to the itty bitty size it really is… and partially because I hate laundry (errr strongly dislike it) and I need it to be in my face shouting at me to motivate myself to get it done. Whatever the case: I process it all in my dining room and little Miss Mischief has taken it upon herself to take piles of clean clothes while I am not looking and stuff as many as she can into the trash can where all our food spoils/remains and other smelly slimy items live — only to be found by me quite possibly hours later, giving me the lovely chore of re-washing said pile of clothes… AGAIN. She likes to think of it in terms of “teaching me patience,” and “helping me excel in my most UNfavorite chore”…. you know, because she’s 1 and lots of 1 year olds have such reasoning behind their ways. Children with wisdom.

can you spot the fiest? she’s pretty adorable.

Okay I gotta go. I’ll try not to be a stranger ;) .

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  • Leahmariv

    You amazing Nichole and have come out of this or going through this miscarriage with amazing grace. Not sure if that is even how you should say it but I think you know what I mean. I love you and glad your back on here :)

    She is soo cute and a amazing little girl. Little sneaky girl and laundry hehehe

  • jacquegrubbs

    grace grace, much grace.

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