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So I wrote this blog a couple weeks ago and I keep forgetting to post it, but I recently (as of June 4th) completed 7 years of being a parent. 7 YEARS!!! That’s like… a decent portion of my life right? Being that I’m only 22 and all. ;) . I like to think of myself as young at heart… and my heart is still 22.

In honor of my year completed, I decided to compile a list of random things parenting has taught me over the last 7 years.

• I can eat lukewarm food and still enjoy it…. okay maybe enjoy is too extreme, I can eat lukewarm food. Done.

• Lukewarm coffee, (though not ideal, unless you are my dad) will still be drunk as long as it comes with a few consecutive minutes of space.

• Walking into the kitchen without grabbing up all the dishes in whichever room I am in is a waste of my time. Repeat idea for walking into a bedrooms without toys or dirty laundry (that magically end up tossed throughout my house).

• On that note, I’ve learned for some — their roof leaks water when it rains. For us — it leaks toys, dirty clothes, and, *dare I say it* food wrappers and banana peels. This is the only explanation for why I see them randomly scattered about my house daily, even after I JUST picked them up.

side note: I love cleanliness and work so hard for it… unfortunately cleanliness does not seem to like me. Sheesh, some friend…. always making me work and work to earn it’s company and leaving the second it’s threatened with Barbies, princesses, arts & crafts, or the sudden need a certain miss has to bring to me a box of cereal  that *oops* is spilled all over the living room. Just as well…

• A kiss is often all a scraped knee needs to feel better.

• My lap has a surprising amount of space. Kind of like a Mary Poppins tote.

• I  have a happy place in my mind.

• There is no such thing as ‘finishing’ laundry… or the dishes.

• It is truly astonishing how refreshing 4 hours of consecutive sleep can sometimes feel.

• Though the manual doesn’t admit to it, my bagless vacuum must have a secret place that, once turned on, creates dust from thin air… surely that is how it sucks up so much daily.

• I know a whole lot more than I thought, and a whole lot less than I thought.

• It is impossible to put an amount to love. No matter how many to the moon and backs and so so so so very very very very much’s I say… it’ll never fully explain it.

• An apology can go a long way and it’s not just the kids that need to do the apologizing. Oops, I make mistakes too.

• There’s a lot more prep to a party than the party itself. A LOT more prep.

• Song lyrics sound a whole lot different coming out of the mouths of a 4 and 6 year old. So… thanks google, for helping me look them all up :) .

• My ‘to do list’ will never ever be done. Ever. No really, NEVER. Choose what comes first wisely.

• It’s quite surprising how long I can leave a dirty diaper on the ground. *Oops, did I just publicly confess that?* Just pee people, c’mon I DO still have my sense of smell. *judge, judge*

• $100 is spent much quicker if you’re the one buying the food.

• As much as I want to freeze time and keep my kids little for just awhile longer, I can’t help but realize that as I’ve loved every stage, so I will love every stage. And getting to watch them as they grow is much better than the alternative.

• A phone held to my ear is an obvious sign that havoc is about to be wreaked. No matter the previous state of atmosphere — havoc prevails. Every. time.

• Few things can make me feel as loved or as humbled as a child wiping away my tears.

But really,… mostly… I’ve learned that getting to ride this wave of motherhood is worth the price I, and so many others before me, after me, and with me, have paid for it. It is worth every negative pregnancy test and every month I’ve felt strangely aware of how little I am in control. It is worth every moment spent on the couch in the fetal position wondering when pregnancy will feel better, worth every time I’ve felt like I can’t walk, can’t move, can’t bend over, and can’t breathe… yes even worth the feeling of total loss as I’ve looked at a sonogram of a baby that once was, but now will not be. It is worth every stretch mark, pound gained (and thankfully lost), and stretchy skin. Worth each surge of pain through labor and every feeling of inadequacy as I’ve tried to bring a baby into the world as best as I know how. It is worth every sleepless night, every dish or outfit washed, every piece of trash picked up off my floor that was thrown there by a child perfectly capable of throwing it away herself. Worth every judgement I see in the faces or comments of other adults as I parent my children to the best of my abilities. It is worth every scowl and roll of the eyes I get when miss cranky pants shows up in the guise of one of my sweet innocent daughters. If there is one thing I have learned it’s that I never knew how something that comes with so much work, leaving me at the end of some days feeling like I have nothing left to give -  could with one laugh or smile, hug or slobbery kiss make me feel so complete… & a little bit like a superstar.

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  • Bethany Scofield

    You are awesome and so funny and I like you. You just really really brightened my day with this post and a couple others I may have read even though I’ve read them before. Needed a redo on my perspective on the kids. They’ve been kicking my butt lately.  Anyway, thanks.

  • Erin Warkentin

    What a great post. Well put friend, and what a remarkable mother you are; not afraid to be real or admit mistakes. Here’s to the next 50 years of motherhood!

  • jacquegrubbs

    I love your style, your honesty and humility is refreshing. You may not have it all together, but ….. you certainly are doing an AMAZING job!!! I love watching my baby girl be such a great mom & wife and balance the creative side in the midst of it. Please, continue on with no pressure. I love you :)

  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    you make me cry. gosh, oh so often these days, don’t you… i love you and love you as a mommy.

    my recent post: when it feels like no on sees you

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