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by Nichole on April 16, 2011 · 4 comments


So today has been a long day. A good day…. but a long day. It started with waking up and finding out that my baby is sick with a fever… again :( … oh the joys. (I’m sure you parents have no clue what I am talking about ;) ). She can’t seem to catch a break. Poor thing. That couldn’t hold me back though, I had work to do: prepared a salad for the shower I helped with today, got all my decorations together, picked a couple items up at the store,  and headed out to decorate/prep/& attend a lovely shower honoring my good friend with my lethargic baby who, despite her condition, did amazing. Can I just say I’m so happy for my friend? I am. I could cry thinking about it. You know those people that you know any guy would be the luckiest person in the world to have? Yeah, she’s one of those.

But before all of this…. ah before all this…. I made the best.. ice creamever. Okay… maybe not ever, I mean I have yet to try ALL the ice cream in the world… to be fair. So we’ll just say the best ice cream I have ever made. That counts for something right? Yes, I think so. The story goes back a couple weeks when I made snicker doodles with my girls for our first time and I had the amazing idea to make snicker doodle ice cream. I know, I know, genuis. You can thank me later.

So we have next to nothing in our fridge and cupboards, we are waiting for an escro that is overdue to close, it’s pretty hilarious. But we do have the very things needed to make this lovely ice cream. Done & done.

{Here’s what I did} Make it, you won’t regret it.

• I first made snicker doodles last night. I got the recipe here.

side note: when I’m looking for a recipe I usually google “best _____ recipe ever”. My husband taught me this. It usually works like a charm & that’s how I found this one.We are very trusting people, Daniel & I. I mean look at us, just because some stranger on the internet titles their recipe to be the “best ever” we readily trust that they are being completely honest with us…. yikes. Here’s to hoping some horrible internet cook with crazy taste buds doesn’t fool us.

• Then this morning I started by making this simple vanilla ice cream recipe. And let me say I used this incredible homemade vanilla my sister made for Christmas. Amazing. Thanks Charis! I’m still in awe of how thoughtful this gift was.

side note: Since this ice cream is made from scratch… it’s much healthier right? I mean, I could eat as much as I want whenever I want correct? Yes, yes I think so. If only I would have used strictly organic items then I’d really be set. ;) I kid, I know it’s still not “healthy” but it was delicious!

• So… back to my recipe (if you can call this that). I cut up about 5 or 6 snicker doodles — and I have to say I make small cookies, I use a pampered chef little scoop thingy ma-jig. So the cookies turn out to be 2.5 inches in diameter? Please don’t measure, just know that my 5 or 6 cookies might be another person’s 2 or 3. (& I also put 2 zip lock backs of 5 cookies each in the freezer for a later date…. so that it’s easier next time ;) ).

• Then I made my cinnamon swirl. I decided to try mixing agave & cinnamon together. I’m happy to say it worked and was wonderful. I have no clue what my measurements were though. I’d say maybe 3ish tablespoons of agave and enough cinnamon to make it this color.

• After my ice cream was done mixing. I folded in the cookie pieces, then next I folded in the swirl being careful to fold and not mix so that it would be a swirl.

Sooooooooooooooo good!!! Seriously if you like cinnamon or snicker doodles you will not regret trying this out. It sort of in a weird way reminds me of this ice cream I was obsessed with at the end of my pregnancy with H (it was one of the only things that settled): Häagen Dazs sticky toffee pudding. Yummis.



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  • leah valenzuela

    oh how i love you and your blog! :) now on to the recipe i love snickerdoodles there my favorite!!! i must try this someday!

  • charis

    You tempt me so.

  • charis

    You tempt me so.

  • cherylyn

    sounds amazing!!! i do that,too, btw, google best ever. i have yet to be disappointed.

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