Compromise…. it’s what’s for lunch.

by Nichole on April 18, 2011 · 3 comments


Compromise… or in other words,he’s happy, I’m happy, we’re all so very happy happy’. I just made that up. I think it should be a song, it’d be a hit. Anyone who has ever been in any sort of successful relationship or friendship knows that compromise can sometimes be a key to happiness. Can I get an amen? Reminds me of a line from one of my all time favorite movies The Parent Trap: “You give a little, I give a little”.

side note: Original “Parent trap”… sooooooooooooooo much better than the newer one! I can’t even think about the other one, I pretend it does not exist.

Anyway back to my story…. Daniel is a pretty healthy guy, I need to throw this in before I go on my tangent. He eats pretty much anything I make him, is open to any sort of food, RARELY drinks soda, loves salad, (have I talked this area up enough yet???) but….. he also LOVES peanut butter. He loves it & every once in awhile goes to the kitchen and takes a bite of it for a snack. 1 problemo here… he loves Jiffy (Jiffy or skippy or whatever it is).  You know – the unhealthy dessert on a spoon type of peanut butter… & for whatever reason, this bothers me. He could snack on my homemade chocolate chip cookies all day long and I wouldn’t even flinch, but taking bites of super unhealthy peanut butter, ugh! Not sure why this is?? Maybe it’s because I know he could be doing the same thing in a much more healthy way & let’s face it, there are no healthy chocolate chip cookies. Well…. unless they are mine. ;) I kid.

So for the past year or two we’ve been strictly buying the stir, all natural, kind of peanut butter. He has agreed to buying the healthy kind but has kind of drug his feet doing so. (Hey, I’m not complaining, yay for me that he cares about what I care about! He’s one of a kind, it’s true ;) ). Anyway about a month or so ago, he’d had about enough. He’d tried different peanut butters and came to the same conclusion – that he doesn’t really like the all natural kind & he especially doesn’t like stirring.

This is where the compromise comes in to play. I asked him if he’d stick to doing the healthier way if I could find a way to make it for him in a way that he prefers. No stirring, sweetened just a bit, but much better for him than Jiffy or Skippy or whatever brand it is that he so desires. He agreed.

So I ordered some bulk roasted peanuts and made peanut butter. Sooooo easy. That is unless you do it wrong, like I did my second time, then it’s confusing and strange. Oops.

ALL you need to do is stick your roasted peanuts in your cuisinart for exactly 15 minutes (if you want it as creamy as Daniel likes it) and it will be nice and creamy. I add a little agave or pure maple syrup and mix afterwards for the added sweetness that Daniel loves (this changes consistency a bit, I must warn you – but it’s still good).

Seriously, so amazing. Even I’ve caught myself taking a bite of straight peanut butter (something I NEVER do). Little warning: do NOT add the sweetener until after it’s all mixed or it will get crumbly like a cracker and flake ALL over the floor when you are trying to spread it…. then your husband will tease you about your ‘compromise’ peanut butter and you’ll have a good laugh…not that I know from experience *wink, wink*.

Anyway next time you are unloading the dishwasher, ready to have an empty space to pop your cuisinart right in making zero mess of your kitchen (because messes are not my friend), try:

• Putting peanuts in the cusinart first.

• Press on.

• Unload the dishes & wipe off counters.

• Turn off & move goods into container.

• Load cuisinart into dishwasher.

Pretty easy.

Peanut butter, made it this morning & had it for lunch today.We’re pretty certain store bought will never be the same.

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  • charis

    and i have to add that i don’t like sweetened peanut butter, so we just literally put the peanuts in, hit start, and then stop it. done. so good. so creamy. so simple. mmmmm.

    my most recent post: consumed

  • Leah

    Hahha oh daniel! I’m so glad you convinced him to eat the better stuff! :) and I may try this! :)

  • Jacque

    hmmm, I want a try at this :) like that it’s natural and a bit sweeter.
    love your candid style too :)

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