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Today is Daniel’s birthday. In honor of him, and his lovely birthday, I will give all you random people reading this a few random facts about Daniel & my relationship.

• When I was 17 and Daniel & I were just friends, I got teased a lot about him being my “boyfriend”….. mostly by someone whose name starts with a B and ends with a G…. but I’ll go ahead and leave him nameless…. Annnnnyyyy-way, I wanted things to go a different way at this time… So I was at my cousin’s house thinking of all this teasing… (because that’s what girls do right? Over-analyze?) & angrily turning pages in one of the millions (yes, millions) of Leah’s wedding magazines. (She was always preparing for her future wedding – and those who knew her then give me a big nod ;) ). I remember saying to God: “God if that is something You want to happen — You’d have to show me a big sign” and as I said that the page I flipped to said in big letters “Nicole Miller”. Ooooooh, how upset I was. I needed many more signs than that. hehe.

• Daniel was my first boyfriend. When I was younger I used to always ask my dad about previous girlfriends (I’m nosy, so sue me ;) ) and he’d always INSIST that my mom was the only girlfriend he had ever had. I used to be like: “Come on Dad, you aren’t THAT nerdy!!!”…. ahhhhhhh, shocking… I, on the other hand, am. (I kid, I love that he was my first and only boyfriend, definitely one of my favorite things).

• We used to take this eagle out of his cubby (aka. cubicle, but… I dislike that word… and I despise that I just had to type it out just so Daniel wouldn’t seem like he wasn’t in grade school with a cubby, jk) and put it in random places in the office when we worked together (and were just friends). It totally annoyed him.

• When I was a senior in high school I gave Daniel a gum wrapper and told him to keep it forever. (I loved giving people my trash and asking them such a request. Why?? I don’t know. Sometimes I’d draw a picture on it so there’d be more obligation….) anyway back to Daniel…keep in mind the guy is not a fan of having anything he doesn’t need in his wallet… or anything he doesn’t need in general. He kept it for years. Awwwwww :)

• You may not know this but Daniel makes a mean white mocha… actually it’s pretty nice. He makes it for me every single day, sometimes twice…. aannnnddd sometimes 3 times (but don’t judge me *judge judge*…. sometimes a mom just needs her coffee.) He even made one for me this morning… on his birthday. What a guy!

• He changes poopy diapers and doesn’t even complain about it, well… mostly he doesn’t.

• When we were just friends we’d go to all these completely random movies together. One was some guy (Chris Rock??) dying and coming back as an old white man. What was that movie? Why did we go see it? These are questions I have years later.

• Most people now know Daniel as a realtor, but I first met him as a youth intern then a pastor. I have to say, in my non-bias opinion (really), he’s an amazing speaker and has so much wisdom and insights. You can check out how comfortable he is in front of people on his random home tour videos.  They. Are. Awesome. He’s a nut. But you can’t help but like him.

• He is the most honest guy I know.

• If it were up to him he’d be in bed by like 10pm but because he loves me and I’m a night owl (and hate to be in the living room by myself) he stays up with me until I’m ready to go to bed…. granted though he often falls asleep in his chair or on the couch… he’s still in the room with me.

• The first year we dated he gave me a card on every single month anniversary.

• Daniel substitute taught some at my high school the year after I graduated. Wouldn’t it have been weird if he was my substitute teacher? He’s not really that much older than me (3 years) he just graduated college early.

I know that other ways leading to marriage work well too, but we were such good friends years before we ever dated. I’ve always been so thankful for that. I’m pretty sure I could never grow sick of his company and if I could I would make him spend every minute with me, following me around (because really… I do do this when he is home, I’m a mean wife, just ask him).  I miss him when he is at work and sometimes get frustrated at long days but in reality, I’m so thankful that I miss him when he is gone.

Happy Birthday to the always honest, sometimes funny, amazing guy that I married. I’m so thankful for the past 13 years I’ve gotten to be your friend (and more) and I’m excited for the years ahead.

photo by Myriah Grubbs Photography

side note: funny H story. She woke up this morning probably around 4am yelling: “Mommy I’m so berry sorry! Mommy I’m so berry sorry I accidentally pee’d in my bed. I’m so berry sorry mom!” Daniel got up to help her out. Havyn insists on changing and while changing tells Daniel “it made me all warm.” This is normally not a fun way to wake up (& is thankfully a rare occurrence in our house)…. except for when your child is convinced she pee’d her bed but her clothes, sheets, and everything are completely dry. Then it’s just funny.

side note #2: Havyn is stomping around the house saying: “I’m not cwazy, I’m just bit-aful, I’m not cwazy, I’m just bit-aful. Mommy did you know you called me cwazy AND bit-aful? And that’s not right, cwazy & bit-aful is just not true. Just bit-aful is true….. Mom….. you can call me cwazy if ya want….” She’s crazy…. and so very beautiful.

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  • leah valenzuela

    such a great post! i love you guys! he is so perfect for you,and you him!
    oh silly hayvn!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Myriah-Grubbs/100000414737414 Myriah Grubbs

    love it. and havyn is hilare.

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