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by Nichole on April 24, 2011 · 6 comments


So tomorrow is Easter…. errr today is Easter, since it’s past midnight. Though I know it’s not what Easter is REALLY about, I always look forward to putting together an Easter basket for my girls. Heck, I look forward to any excuse in general to get them a gift, but Easter is extra special.

I remember when I was a little girl waking up to find my basket (same one every year) on the butcher block with messy grass (I have a deep appreciation for this now that I’m a mom… thanks mom, for that messy stuff), a stuffed bunny, and some sort of chocolate in it. I’d put on my new dress that usually had a bit of ‘twirl’ to it, and on occasion pack my new purse full of random toys from my room or put on my new hat. We made my mom get us bunnies through high school as far as I remember & went on Easter egg hunts until Asher (my first nephew, and my parent’s first grandkid) was a year old & old enough to hunt… pretty sure I was like 22 or 23 on our last Easter egg hunt. Ahhhh those were the days…

So anyway I always have these high hopes for my girls baskets. Granted, I’m not really into filling them with tons of toys and such, not that I have anything against that, I like it more simple — ultimately I don’t want the day to be strictly about presents my girls get. Oddly enough though… somehow, every Easter it seems, money gets tight. Maybe it’s because of the 5 million birthdays we have surrounding it….??? (We like to call it Christmas in the Spring. Or maybe that’s just me… am I the only one who calls it that?) Maybe it’s because it falls right when taxes are due…??? Whatever the reason, it seems every year is the same. I have high hopes for finding an adorably cute & unique bunny and it ends up being much too pricey. Isn’t that funny? Who thought of the Easter bunny anyway? In all honesty, my girls don’t need a 20-30 dollar bunny.

So this Easter money is tighter than usual. I try not to live above my means, so in such a circumstance, I’m not going to go spend 20 dollars on a bunny. It just doesn’t make sense. We don’t buy expensive clothes or go out on pricey dates when the weight of other bills are heavy on us, so why would we act any different with a silly Easter bunny?

Time to get creative. So I first found an adorable little stuffed lamb with bunny ears at Joann Fabric for 50% off. Two dolla’s and fifty cents folks. Awesomeness.

I really wanted to get the girls a purse this year — what better way to do that then to make one myself. Now let me be honest, I do not sew. I don’t. Sure I figure out how to make little crafts from time to time, but I have no idea what stitches are what & more so how on earth to follow a pattern. So for anyone who looks at this and writes off trying it because you “don’t” sew… you need to know: I don’t either. Really…

So because I don’t sew, and don’t currently have a sewing machine (though that will change) I had to think of a way to make a purse that would require the least amount of sewing. I thought I remembered seeing purses made out of jean pants and had the idea to find an old pair of the girls pants that I wasn’t planning on keeping to ‘hand down’ should I have a fourth girl.

I simply cut the legs off like this:

Then I turned the pants inside out and sewed the bottom together:

aaannnnnndddddd this is how I do it… this is how I do it.  I hold my baby (who unfortunately had a fever), have my laptop close by, and try to be creative all at once.

Then I *put my project down to eat dinner, then started again* cut 3 strips of the jeans I cut off awhile back, safety pinned the top and braided then stitched each end on the opening of the purse:

My poor girl, she was so not feeling well

One of the almost finished products:

Then I embellished the purse making flowers with the tutorial I posted here. And glued then sewed them onto the front. Easy Peazy (as K would put it).


Finished products:


Finished baskets, we use the same basket every year (I made a headband for them to wear & included a couple chocolates as well).

side note: no I did not make E’s basket/purse. I’m not that awesome ;) .

side note 2: K’s purse is from an outfit she wore the first time ever going to the beach (14 months).They are accessorizing Daniel’s shoulder here:

Well that’s it. I’m so thankful for this weekend. As bummed as I sometimes get over silly things like not being able to get my girls the perfect basket items, I’m thankful for the reminder that this weekend is about so much more than just the right stuffed animal. It’s about celebrating Jesus and being thankful for His forgiveness, mercy, and unfathomable love for us. As much as I love my girls, (and if you can’t already tell… I love them) He loves us so much more.

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  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    great tutorial. i love the purses!

    my most recent post: 5 things i am thinking about on good friday

  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    great tutorial. i love the purses!

    my most recent post: 5 things i am thinking about on good friday

  • Jennifer Wandler

    I love it, Nichole! So creative and adorable. I thought you might enjoy this tutorial from a site it go to alot. I, like you, have NO IDEA how to sew…. but I just got a sewing machine for my birthday and am really really wanting to learn how to use it more “efficiently” (or at all. ha). Anyways, I thought your girls might enjoy something like this. I like your blog! http://www.purlbee.com/little-lamb-pillows/

  • leah valenzuela

    those are so cute and your such a good mommy!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Myriah-Grubbs/100000414737414 Myriah Grubbs

    they’re soooooooooo cute. great job!!!!!

  • Nichole

    Super cute Jenn! I’ll have to try those sometime! Yeah I got one for Christmas but we have yet to go get it. My mom has gotten me a couple but we keep changing our minds on what brand to get and taking them back before actually using them (because I’m kinda clueless as to what I need or want). Finally decided on one though, now to get it! lol.

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