Believe it or not….

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…but my baby is playing on the floor. She was unhappy so I got out some blocks, placed them down with her and she is happily playing away. We shall see how long this lasts. For now, I will happily drink my coffee and blog.

Currently my house is a mess. It’s a clean mess, but still a mess. I have laundry folded/hung and ready to be put away. I also now have blocks all over my living room and my girls have barbies all over their otherwise clean room. Oh dear. At least I cleaned up my backyard yesterday, probably wasn’t the greatest idea I ever had considering I have a sinus infection, but I felt accomplished. So it’s all good.

side note: H just came inside from playing with her sister & cousins in the front yard and says she is too cold. Instead she is looking out the window watching them with a sad face with a little moan every once in awhile, longing to play.

Speaking of my girls room. Remember how I did decorations for that bridal shower I mentioned earlier? Well I combined one decoration to not only be shower decor but to also decorate. I made this project a group effort and a craft I was able to do with my girls. Their reward at the end was that they would get it in their room so long as they let me borrow it for the shower. I realize that by my showing you this I’m going to start looking like I am creative all the time, but I promise you I am not. Inspiration is not always there for me — just so you know :) .

Now I don’t have a step by step picture tutorial for you, but I can tell you it was super easy and I doubt you would need one.

I got the idea here, her’s are much more classy than mine, but I love mine nevertheless.


• 2 packs of 100 white coffee filters (I am pretty sure they were a dollar each at Target – honestly you can just get one pack if you aren’t going for a super long look. We painted 100 and kept 100 plain white).

• Some Yarn to piece it together. I already had some.

• A skewer or a pokey thing to poke holes through the middle of the filters. I’m sure you have something that can do the trick lying around somewhere.

• Water color paints if you so choose to color them.

• Paintbrushes of any kind.

• Cup of water

side note: My baby is still on the floor if you can believe it. This…. is a miracle.


FIRST: Set out wax paper to protect my dining room table, as this is where we painted. (You can set out newspaper, a table cloth, or just do it outside).

SECOND: Got a cup of water, some paintbrushes, and the water colors out. (Now since this shower was in purples and blues I instructed my girls that they could only use these specific watercolors. You could do the same if you are going to a certain look in a room or for a party. Just instruct your kids to only use a couple colors and let them paint away. I promise it will look amazing).

THIRD: I gave the girls an example of what I wanted. I told them they’d have to paint 100 of them so they needed to focus on being fast while coloring however they so desired.

**In showing them I first painted the whole coffee filter with water so the paint would spread easier. Then I painted with the colored paint. We proceeded to do this for each filter.**

FOURTH: I laid them out to dry. Now because 100 is actually a ton of coffee filters to let dry, I tied some yarn from one chair to the other with paper towels on the floor underneath to catch any drops. I hung them on the yarn piled them on top of each other still hanging on said yarn when there was no more room.

side note: E is not happy anymore. Not complaining though, that was a good 10 minutes of play! Yay for her!

FIFTH: The next morning when all of this was dry I pieced them all together. My bunches started off as 7 coffee filters each but the garland was WAY too long, so I combined them to be 14 filters each, I think 7 would still work it just wouldn’t be as full. I interspersed white with the colored as well. To piece together I:

• Tied a knot in the yarn, making it a couple times over so it was thick.

• Then I poked holes in the centers of the filters with my skewer.

• Then I thread the yarn into the holes. It made it easier to thread by putting tape on the end of the yarn so that all the pieces didn’t stray away.

• Then tie a knot to make sure the bunch doesn’t slip down the string. I made this knot thick as well.

SIXTH: When it was completed it was pretty flat. Here is a pic from my phone of how it looked when it was first hung:

No worries, I just fluffed each bunch up by wrinkling them a tad and wa-la, this is how it looks in the room.

And here it is at the shower:

Yay for cheap party decor! I love when doing something fulfills multiple areas of need. I was able to make a party decoration, spend quality time with my kids exercising their creativity, and make a room decoration they could be proud of. Win/win/win.

ps. I bet these would look great with cupcake papers as well!!

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