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Gotta love blogs. G.o.t.t.a love ‘em.

Here’s the thing about a blog: I can say whatever I want to say about whoever I want. Okay that’s probably a bit of an exaggeration there are things best left unsaid…err….. untyped…. but you get the picture.

Today is my brothers birthday. I will omit his age at my own request. *sigh* Here’s the thing: if I wanted to say anything about my brother to the world in front of him, he’d likely tell me to shut up (really, he’s not a mean guy, I’m just sure he’d say it… The words dumb & nerd might also make an appearance… maybe). His face might turn a little red, he’d probably give me a disapproving look, and he would probably disapprovingly say my name “Nichollllle”. Yep, these things would probably happen. But here’s the other thing: I’m not even sure my brother knows my blog exists. Ahhhh, perfecto. And if he does, well for all we know I’m talking to myself so…. no harm no foul right? Yeeeeeesssss, yes I am right. *sinister laugh*

So to celebrate my one and only twin brothers birthday I will give you all a few random facts about him.

• My brother was my first friend. Really, my very first. It’s because of him, I’m convinced, that I hate being alone.

• When we were little we shared a room. I’d wake up before him but I was afraid to get up on my own. So I would just sit in my bed staring at him in his and snore with him. Really…. I’m not creepy…. am I? I would try to snore so that we were perfectly in sync. To this day if Daniel starts snoring I am forced to kick him because my mind automatically wants to breath in unison with him and it drives me crazy to be so focused on my breathing when all I want to do is sleep. It’s true.

• When we stopped sharing a room and were a little older we’d keep a walky talky by our bed. I’m pretty certain we had a special knock we’d do on our wall to signal the other to turn it on – then we’d say hi. We didn’t really talk a lot on it but we just thought we were awesome for doing it. No wait, we didn’t just think we were awesome…. we were awesome.

• I remember one day when I was probably in 4th grade and my brother stayed home sick from school. I took the bus that day and had been dreading having to walk down the dirt road by myself. See I was certain a stranger would know I was alone and get me…. you know that scary man that hides behind bushes? I remember getting off the bus and trying to pump myself up to run as fast as I could upon arriving at the dirt road entrance. Do you know what was waiting for me? Not some scary man. Nope. My brother. My brother who stayed home that day sick was waiting at the front of the dirt road for me because he knew I’d be too afraid to walk it alone.

• Similarly when I was probably 19 or 20 I agreed to house-sit someone’s house. Why I did this,… I have no idea. There was a particular night where I had no one to stay with me and to be quite honest I was pretty terrified. At the time, this was unheard of for me to EVER want to stay someplace by myself. Without complaining, or making fun of me, or anything like that my brother agreed to stay in the living room until I fell asleep. (Pretty sure I tried to go to sleep and ended up just going home…)

• We shared a room when we were little. There was this wallpaper my parents put up when we were probably around 3 or 4 years old. It was kind of like abstract art. We used to lie in bed and find images in it. There was a monster guy, a gun, a bridge…. all sorts of things. When I went to Azusa for my first year of college my brother had decided to re-do his room (yes it had this pink and blue wallpaper on it for that long). I came home to a piece of the wallpaper with one of our favorite images framed and on my bed. I think I cried. I have it up in my baby’s room.

•My brother can do pretty much anything he wants. Seriously. He can play any instrument he wants to play, do any household project, cook, he’s got an amazing voice, not to mention he is an amazing graphic design, videographer, director, producer… need I say more? I’m pretty sure anyone who knows him knows all of this. I’m not even going to try to list the amount of time he’s helped us lay tile, or fix plumbing, or fix a random computer problem.

• He’s like my mom – he can see the bigger picture, and he doesn’t always say just what you want to hear. I could show him something I made and he usually points out what is wrong with it. If what I was looking for was just pure affirmation, I get how this could get old, but throughout all these years of me learning photoshop, if I didn’t have him pointing out what I was missing, I wouldn’t be close to where I am today. He’s honest, but he’s willing to help teach so that what would be good could be great. This is why the things he has his hands in are always so great, because he expects nothing less.

• His real name is Nathaniel. Okay no it’s not. I’m just being trickery.

• His first girlfriend was Banisha. Okay no it wasn’t, I made her up. But it was a pretty hilarious joke…. Until Nathan emailed the girl (replying to an egreeting that…. she sent herself ;) ) telling her he hated her and she’d never amount to anything… I forgot to tell him I made that email address up for the sake of authenticity. Sorry

• When he first started liking his now-wife he called me up and talked to me on the phone for something like 2 hours about her. That had never happened before. Ever.

• He can always make me laugh.

• Somehow even in our younger years, putting on plays and musicals with our cousins, Nathan was smart enough to be the camera guy – making sure no blackmail was to follow him.  By the way, I’d like to say that because of all of us, he was able to practice putting his video production skills to good use. Even designed our “sets” for us. We. Were. Awesome.

• He used to get me to clean his ridiculously messy room for him by telling me I’d be his favorite twin sister…. and I obliged. Come to think of it, when we were younger he’d pay me his quarter so I’d clean our shared room and he wouldn’t have to… why did I not think of charging him as I got older? Hindsight is 20/20.

So I guess most of those were long facts. Oh well. Here’s to my brother. The guy I can never say no to. My first friend.  If you know him count yourself lucky.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh so many things I could say here, you both were so amazing together — you could do just about all that was in Nathan’s mind — why am I sure it was in Nathan’s mind and not yours? like take out every single drawer in your 2 dressers and dump all the clothes out without a sound?? well, we all know why :) … he had that ‘creative’ edge in doing that sort of thing. Yes, we as parents do take full credit for both you and Nathan’s creativity in being the place you first tried out both your ‘amaziness’ ….. you can thank us later:)
    We love both of you more than you could ever know and are soooooo thankful God decided to give us TWINS:)
    xoxoxox mom

  • charis

    i know him. i am pretty lucky. all my kids’ favorite “mommy stories” are actually about nathan more than me. :) good guy. happy birthday to all my siblings!

    my recent post: david wilkerson and a call to anguish

  • Leahmariv

    This was perfect! And he is a amazing person! I love you both and have a wonderful happy birthday!!

  • Myriah Grubbs

    Yep, I love him.

  • Jennifer Wandler

    Wow! I love this precious blog about your twin. It’s so sweet to see how much love you have for him. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to be a twin and it’s fun to read about some of your special memories. My favorite is the framed wallpaper story. too sweet!

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