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I wasn’t kidding when I said this time of year is like Christmas but in the Spring time. Seriously folks, we’ve got a lot of birthdays.

So today is my twin-in-law Myriah’s birthday. She is God’s gift to my brother, this is obvious, but she is also God’s gift to me. As I got into high school and the idea of my brother getting married to someone became closer and more tangible, I started to worry about what it would look like. Would she like me? What if she hated me? What if we didn’t get along? What if we had nothing in common? Geesh, so silly but I was worried that if he didn’t marry just the right girl, it could possibly be the end of my relationship with him. Never did I imagine his marriage being such a blessing to me.

So now, per my seemingly obvious theme, I will list some random things about Myriah:

• My first memory of meeting Myriah (though I’m sure we could have met before this time) was when I was staying the weekend with Leah. We went to some fundraising event their church was hosting for a Mexico mission trip, I believe it was a dinner. I  saw my cousin Kirstin there and met her best friend, which leads me to my very first impression: wow, she’s really pretty.

• When I went to Azusa for my first year of college Myriah and I emailed each other pretty frequently. Our emails were hugely about being stalked by Ricky Martin – (gosh, he was so obsessed with us)… amongst other ridiculously funny stuff – because we are ridiculously funny. I will give you an excerpt of an email from Myriah to me.

side note: Is this allowed? Publishing (in my ever so popular blog) a secret email to me… I mean it is top secret stuff. Oh well, here it is, written February 10th, 2000:

“I had to place a restraining order against Rickie. I mean, come on!!! What kind of professional is he anyway? It was the dumbest thing, too. But when you find the guy camping out in your front yard just to try and get you to dance for him, well, let’s just say he’s finally gone too far!!! I mean parachuting into your back yard is one thing, but the whole band playing latin music to you over a P.A. system all night is a completely different story. I kind of felt bad, but I really had to do it. I mean the poor guy is obviously desperate for attention. Maybe a little negative attention will do him good. I sure hope so, but I will certainly keep you updated on the situation.”

• I remember when I first decided Myriah would be my sister-in-law (because it was completely up to me… right??? Okay well let’s pretend it was). I was shopping one day, I believe it was a Sunday afternoon, for bedding for my college dorm. I was with my mom, sister, and our friend Natalie. Nathan & Myriah seemed to really hit it off on stage at the very first Jesus Culture conference (in 1999) the days prior. They joked around a lot, and I don’t know… something about my brother seemed different. Charis and I talked about it all day during this shopping trip though we swore to each other to not say a single thing to Nathan (because he’s the kind of guy when you say something is so, he tries to prove you wrong). Anyway we were so excited about our future sister in law and I’m sure Natalie thought we were nuts. So in a way, though really Myriah was 100% Nathan’s idea (because Charis & I never once mentioned to him we thought they’d make a great couple before he started talking about her)… we picked her out. Or at least we knew they’d be the perfect match. :)

• I remember the very first time Myriah wore a two piece. We were at the lake for a friend Josselyn’s birthday party and Myriah was staying with Leah.  As far as I remember she didn’t have her bathing suit with her and so she had to borrow Leah’s two piece. We were like 15/16? She was so embarrassed. I’m pretty sure the two of us just floated in the water the entire time.

• Creativity flows through her. She has an amazing voice, she can always find incredible harmonies (and let me tell you, not all people who can sing can harmonize), she plays guitar, she paints, she sews, she’s an amazing photographer (in fact… go ahead and book her right now), creativity seeps from her.

Don’t believe me? She took these:

Amazing right??? Absolutely.

• She looks good with any hair style. Long, short, bleach blonde with black tips, seriously they all look amazing on her.

• She grew up with my husband Daniel.

• She’s an adventurer. If money were not an issue, and her kids were the best travelers ever (basically in the perfect world….), I’m convinced she’d spend a good deal of her weekends going on day trips to make new discoveries.

• For someone who grew up with no sisters, she sure is amazing at it. Charis I know can attest to this. She always knows what I need to hear, is there when I need her, she encourages me and believes in me. You’d never know she hadn’t been training her whole life.

• She is 362 days older than me & Nathan & 362 days younger than Charis. Isn’t that weird? Woa. It is weird.

• She’s an amazing aunt and an amazing mom. My girls love to go to auntie Ry ry’s house. In fact, Myriah is usually at the top of H’s “Thankful list”.

• She’s fiesty. She sometimes defends an opposing side of an argument just because. She can often see multiple angles to any given argument and gives the decisions she makes in life a great deal of thought because of it.

So here’s to my amazing sister-in-law who is more of a sister to me and less of an in law. I can honestly say my life would not be the same with out her. Happy Birthday Ry!


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  • leah valenzuela

    happy birthday myriah!! i love this girl!! im so glad she married in :)

  • Anonymous

    I was just telling her how much I loved her earlier, she is such a great ‘fit’ in the family but especially such a GREAT wife to Nathan, just love her!! What can a mom say other than my kids picked just THE BEST people to marry!!!! I feel completely comfortable with each of them.
    and Myriah, well, we became friends very early when she ‘worked’ for me ….. it was fun to have that bond:)
    Here’s to you Myriah, I LOVE YOU:)

  • Cherylyn

    Awe, I love this! She truly is amazing. :) Happy Birthday Myriah!!!

  • Myriah Grubbs

    Crying…. What a nice blog. And I had nearly forgotten about crazy Ricky!!!! Thank you for reminding me! Love you! So glad we’re sisters!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hello! Popping over from Charis’ blog. I love your blog. It’s beautiful. I love your family, although I’ve never met many of them. I work for Pastor Greg at cHOP. Beautiful pictures!

  • charis

    i love this and i love myriah. i can add a couple things to your list:
    *she is quick to forgive when i have been a jerk. (if you can imagine me being a jerk. lol)
    *she has a lot of wisdom and such a grounded perspective on life – grounded in the Lord.
    *she is funny and witty- she made uriah laugh when he was a baby before i did.
    *she is generous – such a thoughtful giver and great babysitter.
    and much much more.

    my recent post: how to grow in a life of prayer

  • Jennifer Wandler

    Myriah is amazing! I love her creativity and I love her personality! You Grubbs kids sure do know how to pick ‘em. Myriah’s worship is some of my favorite and when I hear about her random side projects (sewing pillows, creative wall painting, etc) I am always in awe of it. I can honestly say, every time I look at my wedding pictures, I am so grateful to God for having her do them. It’s late, but happy birthday to her!

  • Nichole

    Yes I think I met you maybe at Hannah’s graduation? Anyway thanks for visiting and the encouragement! :)

  • Nichole

    Oh Ricky, what a nut. Love you too :) !

  • Nichole

    Yes all of these are so true! Thanks for adding :)

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