You know you’re a mom when…

by Nichole on May 13, 2011 · 0 comments


you have pee on your shorts and don’t notice until your hand happens to touch them. I should add, it’s my 9 month old baby’s pee… otherwise… yeah that’d be weird.  Should I be admitting this? E’s diaper apparently leaked because…. apparently I have not changed her all day. C’mon… you know you’ve done it…. unless you aren’t a mom. Then that’d be bizarre.

Similarly… you also know you are a mom when you walk by the mirror and notice dried spit up on your shoulder… and *hope* you didn’t go in public looking like that. And once again, if you are not a mom and this has happened to you… well I just don’t know what to say. Unless you are a nanny, then it’s also forgivable.

I decided this morning, as I:

• crawled out of bed,

• grabbed the nearest pile of laundry,

• walked downstairs to put it in the wash

• switched the clothes in the wash to the dryer

• and brought the clothes from the dryer upstairs

…. that my life is much like a factory. Yep. It was quite the revelation I tell you.

Yesterday the girls and I went and looked at a couple houses with Daniel (no we are not buying, we just like to join him on occasion when he previews a property). H sassily put her hand on her hip and said “This is ahr house. We deserve it.” ha! That’s right sista. You tell ‘em.

I’ve been trying to get E to gain weight lately. She’s gained like 10.5 ounces in 5 months, not ideal… especially compared to her 5.5lbs in her first 4 months of life. Annyyyway avocado has great fats in it. One of the best first baby foods to give your baby. Don’t believe me? Google it. Seriously guys, google is always right. Google is one of my bffs…, gotta defend our friendship. So they are full of good fats, have plenty nutrients, and are easy to smash up for a baby. The only problem: I’m not so sure she likes the consistency… and possibly isn’t a big fan of the taste… Easy solution: mix with applesauce (or any other fruit your baby likes) by cutting a small piece off, mashing, mixing with water, then mixing with the fruit baby food (homemade or store bought) of your choice. The flavors blend well together since the avocado taste isn’t strong. Avocados stay good in the fridge so long as you leave them with the core, otherwise they turn brown. So I cut small pieces for E like this, then put what I’m saving in a zip lock bag.

Dear avocado… do your job.




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