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I know, I know, you all had a great break from my birthday theme but here we are… once again,… with the last of the “grown up” kids in my family. Incase you weren’t counting, all 6 of our birthdays are within 33 days… We like to do things big.

So today is my brother in law Bill’s birthday. I have to say, I wondered for a long time who my sister would marry and even tried to pick some matches out myself, (who proved to be so very wrong for her…) but I could not have picked someone more perfect for Charis than Bill – and I honestly mean that.

So here are my random Bill facts:

• My sister met Bill on a missions trip to Brazil she took with my uncle & Randy Clark’s ministry (a man that Bill worked with at the time as the worship leader/pastor in his church). While she was gone, for whatever reason, I think I was praying that she would meet her husband and I emailed her, in a somewhat joking way, saying “I bet you found your husband there right??”

• One of my first actual conversations with Bill was me pouring my heart out to him (& Charis & Cherylyn) about my current situation with my then-friend-now-husband Daniel. I had just gotten back from a 3-4 hour coffee not-date with him and left extremely confused. It was good to hear a guy’s perspective who had no investment in the situation whatsoever.

• Bill makes the best impersonation of a gopher…. okay really it’s a ferret but I always space out and call it a gopher…. okay really it’s an impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about his ferret. Regardless it’s hil-arious.

• One time Bill & I were sitting next to each other in church and I think K was on my lap and Asher was on his lap… or visa versa… and Charis & Daniel were off somewhere… I’m not sure where and a lady came up to us telling us we make beautiful children. Neither of us said anything and I’m pretty sure Bill just put his arm around me and agreed. It is a true statement… we do make beautiful children… with our spouses… because otherwise that’s just awkward.

• He knows the Bible like crazy. Seriously.

• I was always afraid my sister was going to meet some random guy that I didn’t know at all from very far away and fall in love and get married and then I’d never see her again. And then when I did, I would hardly know her husband and it would be awkward and weird. No, I’m not dramatic at all. When she first met Bill, the situation was very familiar to this thought. He lived in St. Louis, they met in Brazil, and it was obvious to me that he was ‘the one’ as soon as she started talking about him. But what REALLY set it in stone (for me) was when he moved out here to be with her and date/court (since they were pretty sure they were going to marry each other and ‘date’ sounds too noncommittal for the commitment they immediately had). I knew right then he would be the perfect brother-in-law (and that’s what it’s about right??? being the perfect brother-in-law??) ….. aannnnnd perfect husband for Charis too. He could have easily convinced her (well… maybe not EASILY, she’s far from being a push over) to move out to be where he was, but instead valued where she was at and demonstrated how valuable she was to him by leaving everything he knew to be with her. Awwwwww….

• He has an amazing ability to predict my mood by listening to messages I leave on their answering machine. I don’t know how he does it though because I’m pretty stealth and unpredictable.

• He, like me, often hears things wrong. (i.e. person talking: “yeah they live down the street.” Response: “Wait, what??? Someone is getting beat???”) Though…. he calls it doing a Nichole…. should I be proud of this label? lol.

• He’s a great dad. He is very involved in his boy’s lives. Seriously. And not only that but he is a great uncle, he’s always willing to watch my girls if I need a last minute baby sitter and Charis can’t do it (or will be with me). And the screaming and crying that my girls like to do as babies when they are not with their mommy doesn’t scare him a bit. Okay maybe it does a teeny tiny bit???? But not enough to say no.

• I have this random memory of going to this restaurant, I’m totally blank on the name, but Charis & I ordered salads from the salad bar. I remember it was when Daniel & I were “just friends” but Charis & Bill were convinced Daniel liked me (and I’m sure convinced I liked him…. gosh they were soooo wrong about us ;) ) and I remember Charis saying that Bill was going to ask Daniel about it while we were at the salad bar. Awkward. Though I’d be lying if I didn’t say I remember being somewhat relieved & I would be lying if I said I didn’t ever wonder if he did…. yeah I’d totally be lying.  I’m pretty certain Daniel said he didn’t, though I don’t remember that part at all. Regardless we ended up dating a short time later.

• He is the oldest of 6 brothers who are all hilarious and great friends. And don’t go thinking that’s how he ended up with 4 boys himself. Other than 1 other boy in the family, the rest of the brothers have all girls.

• He is one of the most relaxed, even tempered, people I know. He’s not dramatic, and has this amazing ability to remain calm. I swear their whole house could burn down and he’d remain calm and just be like “okay, we’ll figure this out.” Meanwhile my sister would be sobbing (like most people would be). See why they are a perfect match? Now don’t anyone get any crazy ideas and go burning their house down just to witness this because that’s just mean.

• He grew up in Guatemala and, like me, is fluent in Spanish. Okay I’m not fluent in Spanish. But I can introduce myself and say a couple other thing here & there. I know you’re jealous. Take 4 years of Spanish & you too can be like me. Go move to Guatemala for a decade + and you can be like Bill.

• He’s got a great voice. In fact he & my sister sang the song “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge in Daniel & my wedding and rocked it. Seriously. It. Was. Amazing.

photo by Myriah Grubbs Photography

So here’s to my brother in law Bill. I mean it when I say I could not have picked out a better husband for my sister and a better fit for my family. Don’t be jealous but my siblings, in laws, and Daniel & I – we are all such great friends. Seriously. We hang out a lot, get along, love each others kids like our own… I often wonder how it worked out like this & I am constantly thankful that I get to be such great friends with not just my brother & sister, who I love so so so very much, but also their spouses. Happy Birthday Bill!

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  • charis

    we did this on the same day!  wow, people will learn a lot about bill!  you are a good sister to him.  broke him into what is it like to have a sister right away!  love ya!

    my recent post: 28 random things about bill

  • William Scofield

    aw shucks…you are a great sister – in – law too.  We DO make beautiful babies!  I am also grateful for our close little families.  I am glad that our kids don’t get the option of growing up and not being close with their cousins.  Thanks for taking the time to write about me.  ummm…see you in about 20 minutes.

  • William Scofield

    aw shucks…you are a great sister – in – law too.  We DO make beautiful babies!  I am also grateful for our close little families.  I am glad that our kids don’t get the option of growing up and not being close with their cousins.  Thanks for taking the time to write about me.  ummm…see you in about 20 minutes.

  • Tehilah07

    love that all 6 of you really do love each other!!  that was always my dream :)   … my kids and their spouses to be close!
    yep — thanks God:)

  • cpete220

    I love this!  So beautifully put about an amazing guy.  

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