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Ever look back at your life and wish you had a bit more perspective?

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve looked back at something I thought was a huge deal only to find myself, years later, getting a tinge of embarrassment for the weight I placed on whatever the circumstance was. If only I always had the right perspective.

• When I was younger I used to get in the silliest arguments and think they were the end of the world. They weren’t – shocking – I know. Perspective.

• If someone didn’t like me it would literally ruin my month…. or at least the time in between said person deciding to like me again. Guess what I learned? People who love me will still love me even if I didn’t sit by them at lunchtime. Go figure!! Perspective.

• I remember when I was about 16 and all of my friends were in “relationships“. I felt so left out and like I’d NEVER have a boyfriend. As far as I remember, I didn’t even have anyone I was interested in at the time, but it still felt like a huge deal to me. I think had I known that just 3 years later I would begin dating my now husband, I would have wasted a lot less time worrying about it all. Perspective.

• When Daniel and I were trying for H it was really emotional for me. For a list of reasons I won’t go into, I started to feel like it would never happen – maybe K would be my only child. If only I would have known that God had the perfect baby for me, but I needed to wait just a bit longer than I anticipated. Perspective.

• I used to consider myself a pretty average weight with definitely obvious flaws. There were parts of my body I couldn’t help but notice when I looked in the mirror. Then I got pregnant with K, gained about 45-50lbs (as I’ve done with all 3 of my pregnancies), and looked back at pictures and for the first time thought: “Dang! I was skinny!!Perspective.

• When Daniel and I were just friends, I can’t tell you the amount of stress I felt when people teased me about liking him or someday marrying him. I valued his friendship so much I was far too worried about ruining it. I spent hours upon hours praying and stressing about whether or not I should like him. I’m not kidding you either — HOURS. Even the day we got together, right before dinner when he told me he liked me, I insisted to Morgan I didn’t like him. I wish I would have had perspective then. I wish I could have seen it would all work out, our friendship wouldn’t be ruined, and allowed myself to have a crush on my husband. Perspective.

Once the whole picture is revealed, I think it’s easy to have perspective. It’s easy to know that something you once thought was the end of the world, is indeed NOT the end of the world. It’s easy to gain perspective about any given event in your life once you are separated from it and no longer in the middle of it. But to gain perspective in the middle of something you NEED perspective in – not so simple.

I think one of the things I’ve aimed to do more and more as I’ve suddenly turned into this “grown up” (blech! ;) ) is to teach myself to have perspective. To realize that I am only seeing this small picture of what my life is, and not the whole part. To remind myself constantly that there will be a day when I look back and laugh at myself, or get embarrassed, or even feel regret over the outlook I have about any given situation that is causing me pain, stress, or heartache. I have to remind myself constantly CONSTANTLY that “there will come a day when…”

“There will come a day when I will wish I had enjoyed my days more and stressed about them less. “

“There will come a day when all I want to do is sit down holding my baby and I won’t be able to any longer. “

“There will come a day when I would give anything to hang around with the people I love, hug them one more time… and suddenly having to have my house clean in order to do it - won’t seem quite so important.”

I want to appreciate the moment I am in, not stress over it.

So…. I recently turned 30. THIRTY! You may not know this… but I am the girl who has never ever wanted to grow up. Sure I’ve yearned to be a mom for my entire life, but really I’ve dreaded all of the other things that came with being an adult. So for this reason, the thought of turning 30 was crazy to me. Very weird.

At first I was just trying not to think about it, then I was starting to get stressed and sad about it. The more stressed/sad I got the more I tried to wrack my brain to think of a way to change my attitude about getting older. It was then that it hit me, I need to celebrate my youth. I need to have perspective. There will never be a time, not ever, that I am as young as I am today. And someday…. someday I will look back at myself in this moment and yearn for the youth and beauty that I now have. So I called my sister in law up, the ever-so-lovely photographer Myriah Grubbs, and asked to schedule a photo shoot to celebrate my youth. To gain perspective.

side note: Sometimes… I think it must be funny to be God. Right?

Anyway here it is. My 30 year old photoshoot: The photoshoot I did to gain perspective. If you ever get the chance I encourage you to schedule your own. Celebrate your youth, rejoice in the season of life you are in. No matter how old you are – you’re not getting any younger. Embrace your life, remember that you might not know what it is waiting for you just around the corner, remember that also you might miss all the blessings you have around you right now.

all photos courtesy of for more info on scheduling,  email

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  • charis

    good dose of perspective.  you are beautiful too, by the way!

    my recent post: 28 random things about bill

  • cpete220

    you are and have for most of my life been one of my very favorite people in the whole world.  i like you friend and your perspective.

  • Myriah Grubbs

    Such a wise woman!!! :) And it’s true, everyone should hire me to take their picture… ;) I know. I’m funny.

  • Tehilah07

    hmmm, you and your perspective!  it is wonderful!!!
    who is the mom here anyway ….. :)
    shall I have my pictures done now ???
    wait, I just remembered, seriously funny memory, I’m pretty sure I did this at 30. wait, what? seriously going to go look in dad’s office, think I did.
    you are great though, seriously great!!!
    xox mom

  • Morgan

    This is great! I love these pictures so much! You’re beautiful, friend! And… I very much remember talking to you that day with Daniel, lol.  I distinctly remember staying in front of my parents’ house, in front of “Geeboo” and saying, Nichole! Isn’t this what you want?! Seems like a million years ago, lol!

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