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by googling “what did one paper towel roll say to the other”. Should I answer this question? Nah, I think my cheesiness would show itself.

K is turning 6 on Saturday. Yesterday she was talking about her birthday, nervous about her voice changing AGAIN…. You see, last year on her 5th birthday she woke up with no voice because of a cold. My mom asked her if she felt any different, being 5 and all, and she thought for a bit and said “well…. my voice changed….” and for the rest of the day she commented on her “new 5 year old voice”. I find it to be quite hilarious that she not only still remembers the change in her voice, but is now convinced that such a thing happens on every birthday. Because that’s just how things work,…  you age a year – and you get a new voice. Now wouldn’t that be bizarre.

Speaking of birthdays, don’t they seem to be the theme of my fairly new blog? I can’t escape, but that is okay because I love them. K is having a superhero birthday party (and I have yet to still get all the invites out) but I thought I’d share her invite here… minus details. I love it. Cute right? Maybe I’m just bias about that ridiculously cute still-5-but-almost-6 year old on display ;) .

We went to a party the other week and decided to be crafty with our gift.

side note: I’ve decided I don’t like the word ‘crafty’. It makes me sound evil.

We made upcycled crayons which I’d love to say were easy to make but…. considering the first crayon took me an hour and 45 minutes… I’d say not so much. Sometimes it’s best to just keep things simple. The end result was this:

but man did it take awhile to get there. Little tip for those who have such ideas: Melted crayon wax is not pliable like melted candle wax. I thought “hey I’ll melt the crayons, wait for it to cool off a bit and roll it into balls“. Yeah that doesn’t work. Throw that idea away immediately and just melt that wax into the container you wish letting it dry there. Thanks.

Dear re-purposed crayons,

You owe me. Big time.

Another thing we made was koolaid play dough. I know, I know there are probably a bazillion other tutorials or recipes for that online elsewhere. But to save you the time of looking it up – here is what we did.

side note: I have made playdough several times and have put off making koolaid playdough because, not growing up on koolaid, I thought it’d be sticky. Well guess what?! Packets of koolaid have no sweetener in them… you ADD the sweetener when making the koolaid. Go figure. Here’s a thought – use raw organic agave instead of sugar and suddenly you will have good-for-you koolaid. Kidding. Not sure koolaid will ever be considered a healthy choice.

side note #2: Koolaid must have a TON of dye in it. I’m not kidding with regular playdough I feel like I add tons of food coloring and still don’t get near vibrant of a color. I’m just sayin’…

First things first, I cut the recipe I used in half because I wanted more colors. Every time I make homemade playdough I feel like it makes a ton of just one color and think: “gosh, this would be much more fun if they had more than 1 color to play with.”

Here was my cut-in-half recipe:

• 1 tsp cream of tartar

• 1/2 cup of water

• 1/2 tsp of oil (vegetable oil is best supposedly. I used canola oil.)

• 1/8 cup of salt (I just poured it into a 1/4 cup measuring cup until I thought it was about halfway filled.)

• 1/2 cup of flour

• 1/2 packet of koolaid (I guessed what half looked like, and not to worry because I made more than 1 recipe of play dough – using the other half ;) ).

First mix together in a pot on the burner (with the burner off) the water, the half packet of koolaid, the extra food coloring if you are using it to change the 2nd batch’s color, and the oil.

Then mix in the salt and the flour (still had my burner off). It should look a bit runny like this: (and no, my playdough didn’t magically turn blue, this pic is from a different batch).

Then turn on burner and keep mixing until it thickens.

Once it thickens like this,

scoop it out and put it on wax paper for your child to knead/play with – obviously letting it cool off for about a minute so that it can actually BE played with. Put a drop of unscented lotion on top if you wish like this (supposedly it helps your hands not be so dry after playing with it) and fold it in (I had my girls do it):

Store play dough in whatever containers you wish.

** With the second half of koolaid I added a couple drops of a food coloring to get a slightly different color (for instance when halving red koolaid try putting blue or yellow in the second half to make purple or orange).**

Lastly I just had to share the card my 5 year old made for this birthday party. She noticed the pile of crayon wrappers from that awful never ending project and on her own, thought to re-purpose them on her card. This is what she came up with. I have to say I was very very impressed.



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  • Myriah Grubbs

    I’m soooooooo impressed with Kylie’s card!!!! (oh and your “craftiness, muah ha ha ha”). Now I know to never make crayons…. hahahaha.

  • Barbie Swihart

    I love Kylie’s invitation and the card she made is truly inspiring!  Makes me wonder about all of the things I am wasting around my house.  I don’t consider myself a “crafty” person either.  Happy Birthday to Kylie!

  • charis

    i think kylie is taking after her mommy is having a creative mind!  cute crayons, but they do sound like a ton of work! 

    my recent post: the rooster formally known as susan -or- letting go of false expectations

  • leah valenzuela

    you did such a great job!

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