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So today, as you may have already figured out, is the day my oldest daughter turned six. SIX!!!! So I thought I might as well keep up with my random facts blog, and let you all in on a few random things about K.

• She was born 9 pounds and 6 ounces, 21.5 inches long.

• We actually didn’t name her until June 5th. We came in with a list of names we liked, K being Daniel’s favorite. After her birth Daniel asked me what I wanted to name her and I told him he could decide, I’d done enough hard work for the day :) . I pretty much knew he would choose “K T”, our top runner.

• On that note, name meanings were/are very important to me. I mean I threw out names left and right just because I didn’t like the meaning.  I find it hilarious that after searching several websites for the name meanings of K the most popular I then found were the meanings: beautiful, victorious (and narrow straight, channel). I thought it was perfect because my name “Nichole” means victorious and my mom and sister’s middle names “Lynn” mean beautiful. Kinda neat that I kept finding K had both meanings. So then comes the hospital announcement webpage… and what do they put as the name meaning but “boomerang”. In all my searches not once did this come up, of course now it is the most popular search result. Oh well.

• K’s first words, other than mama and dada were cousin “A” (except his real name) & Hello. Which she said pretty much at the same time so it’s hard to know what came first. She was about 7.5-8 months.

• K knew almost all of Psalm 91 by heart before she was 3 years old. My favorite part to hear her recite was “under the shadow of the almighty”. Which she would say “under the shadow of the all-my-teeth” and point to her teeth. Hil-arious.

• She’s going to be an amazing mommy someday.

• K has been very set on getting married ever since she could talk pretty much. Cousin “A”, for a long time, was her decided upon husband. I’ll never forget one Summer, when she was just 3 years old mind you, she was all discouraged about finding a husband. She said that cousin “A” had lost his spot, deciding that she needed to find herself a man who was nicer to her and treated her better. You go girl! (I should say cousin “A” is one of the sweetest 7 year olds out there. He goes out of his way to give her a hug pretty much every single day at school. Who ever marries him is one lucky chick).

• K is literally one of the sweetest girls ever. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time I say this. She is so considerate of other people and is a natural at putting others before herself.

• I always thought I would have a boy first. I don’t know why, but I do know I wanted a big brother to protect any girls I had. When we were pregnant Daniel was certain she was a girl and hoping she was a girl as well. I would always scold him not to get his hopes up because it made me feel nervous about something I had no control over. He was right! We were so stoked. I couldn’t have imagined our family any different.

• This girl loves to perform. She (and her sister) are constantly singing songs about their day as they do a little jig that goes along with it. I have no clue where they get this from…. ;)

• When she was younger she’d get attached to random junk and carry it with her for days/weeks at a time. Like random broken pieces of plastic, etc. I swear she didn’t dig in trash cans. Though I can’t say the same for a little boy I saw today who put his cupcake in the trash, walked away, and came back pulled it out and started eating it again. *Shudder*

• She is so easy to make laugh. She enjoys people and enjoys laughter.

• She thinks that she grew overnight… being 6 and all. She has decided that today it was much easier to reach the counters. Just another perk to turning 6.

• One of the top birthday requests she made today was to wrestle with her daddy. A-dorable.

• She’s fixed a lot of the words she used to say wrong (milt, turch, tylie, jat) but she still says “fravrite”. I will be sad to see this one go.

photo from Myriah Grubbs Photography


You are so special to me. You made me a mom. I am so excited to watch you grow and I see visions of the amazing woman you will be because of the amazing little girl that you are. Your care for others inspires both your daddy and I. You are fun to be around & you  can always make me smile. I will never grow tired of your hugs and your cuddles, and I love to listen to you talk because you have so many good things to say. You are so beautiful inside and out. You are an amazing big sister and a true friend. I love you so so so so very very very very much much much much much much much. Happy Birthday 6 year old girl!

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  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl who truly is one of the most sensitive kind people i know.  i just love her.

    my recent post: you do not have to get divorced

  • http://myfreshlybrewedlife.com/ Barbie

    What a precious little one you have there.  Happy Birthday Kylie!

  • cpete220

    I adore this girl of yours!  I will never forget you becoming a mom.  You have literally excelled at it.  Happy Birthday Kylie, a few days late.  

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