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I wrote that all by myself. Sung to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”… in case you didn’t catch on. Nope, I’m not cheesy at all.

So…. it’s been awhile!! You missed me right? Yes, I know I know…. checking every day to see if anything is new… or not. What can I say, I like to flatter myself. ;) Well today is the day. Hey, birthdays keep a mom busy! Especially this over ambitious one.

side note: I have a new allergy and it’s driving me NUTS! Wish I knew what it is that I’m allergic to so I could eat without fear again….

K’s party was a success. Yes I am over ambitious, but I love birthdays so I just can’t help it. I love celebrating people and what better people to celebrate than my children who have quite literally flipped my life upside down (in a good way).

I figure I will split this into 2 semi tutorials – the next one coming will be the capes but for now – I’ll just show you how I did the ever so popular rainbow cake. (Because if you’ve looked at at ALL you’ve seen about a bazillion of them).

First thing’s first, I thought t

side note: okay at this very moment in writing — my baby face planted onto our slate floors. Geesh, poor thing.

So now that she is momentarily asleep on my lap, which I can guarantee will last all of 10 minutes…, where was I??? I actually have no clue what I was about to say. Ahhhhh, the life of a mom.

Anyway I used this delicious recipe I got from a friend. I do not like cake. I mean,… it’s not like I hate it or anything, but if I had to choose a dessert to eat, the only cake on my list (aside from cheese cake) would be my mom’s yummy fudge brownie cake which was the cake I grew up having for birthdays and is made completely from scratch (the true way to bake a cake)… I’ll share it sometime. But this recipe… well it’s moist and delicious and isn’t dry and cake-y at all – so it gets my stamp of approval. Best. Cake. Ever. (I wonder if people will find this post by googling that… to you people I’d say: “really it’s not the best cake ever,…  fudge brownie is still at the top of my list… followed by my friend cherylyn’s carrot cake *also from scratch* — but it is pretty stinkin’ good.”). Stinkin’. Good. Cake. There… that’s better.

Here’s the recipe:

(the original recipe my friend gave me is called Mrs. Perry’s Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake… but I don’t make it as a bundt cake… because I don’t have a bundt pan…. and I don’t make cake often enough to buy one.)

so as not to affect the rainbow look I left out the chocolate/white chocolate chips – but believe me  if you are making it just for fun you NEED not skip over those, de-lish.

• 1 box yellow cake mix

• 2 small boxes instant chocolate pudding (or in this case I used instant vanilla pudding)

• 1 pkg ghiradelli (but I use guittard milk chocolate chips for the chocolate chips and ghiradelli if I am doing a white chocolate/vanilla recipe) I’m sorry to say but guittard chocolate chips are indeed the best chocolate chips EVER. I should know... I snack on them often.

• 4 eggs

• 1 1/2 cup water

• 1 1/2 cup canola oil (but my friend only uses 1 cup, so that’s all I’ve ever used. You can use coconut oil too if you prefer.)

Anyway I used this recipe sans chips and multiplied it by 4. Yes,…. I basically made 4 cakes for my daughters 6th birthday. I’m over ambitious.

side note: How many times can I use the term ‘over ambitious’ in this blog? It’s pretty much a contest.

Moving on,.. being that there were 50 + people there… I thought it necessary.

side note…. again: EVERY year K plans her cake…. early. When she was 3 she spent months drawing her cake for her 4th birthday. But does she eat it? NOPE. For the last 2 years, and possibly 3, she hasn’t taken a single bite of cake at her party. She blows out the candles and that’s it. Such a strange kid. Next year I think I’ll just make cookies. ;)

So I have a pretty big circle pan… I’m not sure how big but I’d say at least 11 inches in circumference??

I first doubled the recipe and then split it into 3 bowls just by doing a scoop a bowl until the mix was completely divided.

Then I added food coloring (blech!) until it showed an appropriate color. I have to say the red looked a bit pinkish but turned out fine once the cake was baked and I couldn’t bear to add more food coloring than I already had.

Then once the first 3 cakes were done baking, I doubled the recipe again, split into 3 bowls & added food coloring. Note to self and readers: yellow cake mix + food coloring = ugly purple and greenish blue. At first I was a bit worried this cake would look…. well…. rather disgusting. Not to worry, apparently muddy yucky looking purple cake mix doesn’t look half bad once baked. Unfortunately I was not confident of this fact until we cut the cake at the party.

side note: I was asked at the party if I took pictures making the cake. Apparently I spaced and forgot I did… incase I did a blog… I suppose once you start blogging your brain starts thinking differently… ‘oh maybe I’ll need to document this… you know… for my blog….’. Too bad there are no pictures of my disasterous kitchen and house while baking this….. And my clingy baby I was holding the entire time…. oh and also how beautiful I looked amongst the mess and baking and holding said clingy baby and cleaning while cakes were in the oven…. those pictures weren’t avoided on purpose at allnope not at ALL.

Once all the cakes cooled off a bit (though they were still warm), I flipped them onto wax paper. And once the last cake was baked and flipped I waited until it was completely cool and began frosting.

Frosting recipe (I quadrupled this), found recipe here

• 8 ounces cream cheese

• 1.5 cups heavy whipping cream

• 1 cup white sugar

• 1 tsp vanilla

Mixed cream cheese, white sugar, and vanilla together in kitchen aid then put aside in separate bowl.

Whipped cream until I got a stiff peak

Then added the cream cheese mixture and mixed in.

I put frosting in separate small bowl so if I put crumbs back in bowl it wouldn’t ruin my frosting to finish cake off with. (Doesn’t the purple look awful before cutting in…. grossness).

Finished product. I have to say it was a bit leany so I improvised and put in skewers and made it look like I did it purposefully.

Usually I bake the cake and have my girls help with the sprinkles, not the frosting. With this cake I drew what I wanted as the picture with the tip of one of the skewers. Then I had K pick what sprinkles she wanted where (i.e. she chose rainbow for the lightning bolt). Then I put sprinkles in a bowl and let my girls sprinkle it inside the lines the best they could. Then we just decorate the sides however they wish.

Reason I made a 6 layer cake:

even though she didn’t eat it then (but tried a bite later)… absolutely worth it.

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  • charis

    she is worth it and you are an overachiever i tell you!  yes, yes you are.  kylie should be happy to be your daughter.
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  • Barbie

    Wow, that is an amainzg cake!

  • Hannah

    The cake turned out amazing!!! Love it :) :) I think I may need to make one next! Thanks for the recipes & tips <3

  • Jenn W.

    love that cake! turned out so festive and fun!!! Love your blog… i do blog stalk, but only in spurts. ha. 

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