Because capes make us SUPER!

by Nichole on June 22, 2011 · 7 comments


On the outside, K appears to be the girliest of girls… her favorite outfit is a dress, she poses when a camera points her direction, she looks forward to the day when she is allowed to wear make up regularly, and is so ‘unpatient’ for a man to marry (which after this party — I’d be lying if I didn’t say her dad, pa, and uncles have considered putting her in an ‘all girl’ school)…. yep, she’s pretty stinkin girly! Those of us who know her though, know there is much more to her than just a ‘girlie girl’. For instance one of her favorite activities is wrestling and she’s tough. In fact one day I overheard a conversation that went something like this:

**kids wrestling on my living room floor**

Cousin “U”: “When you wrestle with girls, you have to wrestle softly.”

Cousin “A”: “Well K doesn’t wrestle soft and she’s a girl!!”

K: “You got THAT right!”

She hardly reacts to getting hurt, unless it’s something serious, she loves to play catch or keep up with her cousins (who, aside from her 2nds, happen to be ALL boys), in fact the people who frequent our house most often are boys. So it was no surprise to me that instead of wanting a tinkerbelle or princess party (which consequently – though H has previously had a Thomas the Engine & Toy Story Birthday – her current forerunner for her 4th just so happens to be Tinkerbelle or Rapunzel), she chose something more inbetween: she chose superhero.

side note: can I just say I love my nephews. They are God’s gift to my family of all girls + 1.

So here it is, the blog with the capes. You can find much prettier capes here. But I’ll show you how I did mine.

Side note: Ever wonder why it seems most people (and I might occasionally be lumped into that group…. just maybe….) feel the need to wash all dishes and appliances after they use them except for coffee makers??? This baffles me. The only conclusion I can make of this is that coffee must not be dirty. Who knew!?! ;)

Also: Why is it that small crawling children have the ability to find every single small choke-able item in reach. If only vacuums had this same ability. It must be their ‘super’ strength….

Okay back to my “tutorial”.


• old shirts

• scissors

• cheap acrylic paint (I chose to paint rather than glue on felt because it was much cheaper at about $0.50 a color).

• Puffy paint (if you so desire.. I used it to outline and for the names, it cost about $3 at Walmart and I didn’t even use it all).

• adhesive velcro (you don’t need much, I bought a pack awhile ago at Michaels for about $12-15 and I used a third of it for all 30 capes).

• all purpose waterproof glue. (I used one I bought for about $3).


1. Cut off sleeves.

Then realize that where you are taking pictures has horrible lighting… move to  bedroom with ‘slightly’ better lighting… though not awesome…

2. Cut up the front like this: (If you want the cape edges to come to a point).

3. Open up shirt and it should look like this:

4. Trim and cut off front like this:

Then if you are at all like me… and do a party where you are making THIRTY capes and after doing the first 14 realize that… well painting on the back – contrary to popular … errr…. your own belief – does NOT take “only like 5 minutes” –  and you are slightly freaking out, possibly grumbling, running on little sleep, functioning with a baby who likes to accompany you doing everything you are doing.. and though you are making super hero capes…. it’s becoming apparent that *surprise!* you are not superwoman…  IF this happens to you too then enlist super sister # 1 and super sister #2 and beg for their help in lightning-bolt-painting. Did I mention that my super brothers also gave me a bunch of their old shirts when I realized Daniel did not have 30 shirts to get rid of??

5. Paint on capes.

**thanks girls – there aren’t many I can invite over and have do my work while I standby holding E and watch**

6. Cut the front of the capes and glue adhesive velcro on with strong glue to prevent choking hazard.

Finished products:

I’m thinkin they were a hit…. our party games however… yeah not so much.

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  • charis

    you are super mom.  i may come over to help you with capes, but when my son asked for just an “A” on his chocolate birthday cake, i said no.  lol!  you do birthday parties fun and big and they will be great memories for your girls. 

    my recent post: how to find true joy

  • Myriah Grubbs

    ‘Twas my pleasure :) Hey you forgot to mention that our husbands don’t all have millions of pink t-shirts but that you ACTUALLY dyed all the white ones… I’d say that you are indeed super.

  • Nichole

    haha, very true, but it’d be funny if they did!

  • Nichole

    Gee, thanks :) . Tell Asher I will come over and do his “A” next time ;) , I owe you.

  • cpete220

    Sad that I missed this party.  But it looks like such a hit.  You are a rockstar at parties.  Seriously. They are always amazing.  :)

  • Nichole

    Thanks! We missed you guys too :)

  • Natalie

    wow! thats a lot of super heros 

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