A to the Awkward

by Nichole on June 24, 2011 · 3 comments


Tonight was a good night. It was an outstanding night. Did I mention that I love hanging out with my husband? He’s entertained by my weirdness, laughs at my inability to remember quotes… or sayings… and is just such a great friend.

Daniel and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, then coffee, while our girls were happily watched by my parents. Yes, that’s right my parents. I feel the need to stress this since I also awkwardly tried to make a joke tonight with an old friend that just… well it didn’t fly.

Here’s my admission: sometimes I can be awkward & my jokes aren’t always funny. I know, I often have most of you on the floor rolling with laughter “ROFL”… or at least laughing out loud… right??? Okay, maybe not… but let’s pretend I’m at least sometimes funny.

A re-count of my encounter goes something like this:

• Friend comes up to talk to me (who by the way I have not seen in something like 8+ years).

• Small talk commences.

• I mention that I have 3 kids.

• Friend says something to the degree of “and they aren’t here I’m guessing.”

• I say “yeah they are actually locked in the car” and move on with my small talk… realizing too late that I just completely blew my sarcastic joke and *might* have just led friend to believe that my kids are in fact in the car…. by themselves… while Daniel and I are enjoying dinner.

• Conversation continues awkwardly because… well… I can’t get past the fact that I insinuated I’m a horrible mom who leaves my kids in the car (!!!!) all for the sake of enjoying dinner alone… Who wouldn’t be awkward about that?!?! Geesh.

Not the way I ever anticipated running into this old friend of mine. Aren’t old friends funny? I mean, not the actual people themselves, the relationship. This person, well… this group of people that this person and I shared friendships with, were such an important part of my life – genuinely contributed to who I am today… and somehow 8 years slip by.  As awkward as the conversation was, it doesn’t mean that these friends contributed to my life any less. I loved them then and I love them now. I think of them fondly, I often wonder about what they are doing and how they are doing, and no matter how many years pass, or whether or not they think of me too, they will always be a part of me and a part of my past. They fill the stories my husband probably has by heart and the stories my children will learn will be filled with them too.

So thanks to all who have been or will be someone I can call friend. Because of each of you, my life is that much better. I’d say you’re all worth an awkward conversation or two…. but not three,… because a girl can only suffer so much embarrassment in her life. ;)

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  • cpete220

    ROFL.   you are so much fun!  I want to go to coffee with you!  I’m serious, it’s been soooo long.  Remember in our past, that was something we did often.  We’ll just lock our kids in the car.

  • Nichole

    Yeah I was hoping that I was the only one who thought I might have come
    across that way… until later when Daniel said “um…. locked our kids
    in the car???” Ha! Oops. Oh well, we had some really good laughs at my expense. Yes, we should do coffee! 


  • http://www.charisscofield.com charis

    pretty funny.  i don’t believe you – you do leave your kids in the car.  

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