Passing notes

by Nichole on June 30, 2011 · 5 comments


Dear Blueberries,

Sure – I picked you. You drew me in with your freshly grown, no spray, au natural-ness –yes, I’m sure I made that word up. Your price wasn’t too shabby either (5 dollars for something like 5-7 lbs of blueberries, I could live on deals like this). So tell me why, WHY you must tempt me so? You’ve become scones and the topping to crepes with cream cheese whip cream filling… what does tomorrow hold for you my friends? I dont’ know, I just don’t know. Be nice.

There’s nothing like coffee, homemade scones or crepes with yummy filling, & rain after a handful of hot days, am I right? Why yes, yes I am. *Sinister laugh*.

Dear Dryer,

I’m a little upset that you take soooooooo long to dry my clothes. As if laundry isn’t already my least favorite chore, you taunt me with your “it-takes-me-5-or-more-hours-to-dry-one-load-of-towel”-ness. Do you think I like to constantly go check to see if said load is dry? Well you are wrong my friend, very wrong. And then…. to make matters worse you aren’t even broken. Nope, your stupid tail….errrr…. ducting… is just too long and curvy. Whatevz dryer. What. Evz.

Dear Tomatos, Cilantro, Onion, Garlic, Lime, & Salt,

I really like you chopped up in my cuisinart. You pretty much make my day.

Dear Husband,

I love that you make me coffee first thing in the morning. It was sad to me that you had to rush out and skip it this morning…. But then it was happy to me that you found time to swing by and make it for me later. And to think,  being my personal barista wasn’t even in our vows. You are quite the guy.

Dear person-that-passed-me-at-the-grocery-store-the-other-day-trying-to-get-toddler-to-say-hi-to-my-baby-boy,

When a baby has in 2 pigtails with bows on each one, you should err on the side of her being a girl. I’m not offended,  I’m just embarrassed for you that you thought otherwise.

baby on left is a girl, baby on right is a boy… you know, for curiosity’s sake.

Dear 2 older daughters,

I will miss the day when you no longer play make believe… okay that sounds weird, I’m sure I will be present that day… well I might be grocery shopping for a bit but who am I kidding you two are usually with me when I do that….. Anyway, it will be a sad day. I so enjoy hearing all that goes on in the lives of your toys. I’m telling you, it’s an interesting life they all lead.

Dear youngest daughter,

You are cuddling me asleep and I can’t stop thanking God I was given such a precious gift.

Dear blog,

I’m tired and need to stop writing gibberish. Goodnight or good morning or good afternoon. Read whatever applies. 

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  • Barbie

    I love blueberries!  I am sorry your dryer is taking forever to dry your  clothes.  That has to be frustrating.  And yes, she on the left is definately a girl!  Have a beautiful day!

  • Myriah Grubbs


  • Nichole

    Thanks! :) I think that Daniel is figuring out a way to fix it, unfortunately it has to do with it’s spot in our house, but apparently there might be a work around to get it to do better…. we’ll see… :)

  • charis

    i enjoyed reading this one.  several places made me laugh. :)

    my recent post: a surprise waiting in the wilderness

  • Natalie

    dear nicholes husband,
    thank you for making me coffee when I come over as you seem to do each time I visit… your a good friend and a good white mocha maker. 

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