My baby is crying, it’s true.

by Nichole on April 9, 2011 · 6 comments


She’s sitting on Daniel’s lap. He’s trying to give me space but sometimes I think I’d rather just hold her than hear her scream. Don’t get me wrong, she LOVES her daddy. But… sometimes mommies are just better. (No offense Daniel… the only dad currently reading my blog, lol).

Speaking of girls & mommies. Can I just say that girls love their moms too? Some of those comments about how the mom/son – dad/daughter bond is so much stronger are kind of silly. I’m pro-kid/parent bond. All bonds are created equal. No?  Okay maybe not but it sounds good to me. Also sounds a bit politically correct. Hmmm…..

Anyway enough of that randomness. Yay for mom’s and sons! And yay for aunts & nephews (which are the current little boys in my life).

Daniel just informed me that I haven’t been out of the house in a week. It’s true. Last Saturday was my last time going out.

Aren’t they cute? Yeah that’s the last time I got out. Then K got a fever & E’s returned as did H’s.

Well E is sleeping now so this blog title feels irrelevant.

• I think part of why I started a blog is because I wanted to design one. Maybe not the MAIN reason but yeah it’s part of it. I like designing blogs. Check out my sister’s blog that I designed here.

• I like to watch biggest loser… but it is way too long. I wish it was only an hour.

• Speaking of biggest loser. Funny thing K said to me. I picked up a random paper on the floor, blank all but one part that had the name “Julia” written on it.

Me: K I’m going to throw this away.

K: No mom, I’m saving that!

Me: Well why? All it says is ‘Julia’?!

K: It’s what I’m going to name my daughter, I need to remember it.

Me: Oh that’s fun. So this will be my granddaughter’s name?

K (5 years old): Yes mom! You’re going to be a grandma soon!!!!

Me: Well… hopefully not too soon….

K: Don’t worry mom, when you’re a grandma, you’ll be (uses her hand to shape an hourglass figure) thin!

Me (to myself): Thanks K… I was very concerned about that one….

Where do they come up with these things??? haha.

Well I have nothing more to say. The end. <3

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  • Anonymous

    This is one of my top favorite Kylie quotes. She’s pretty quotable. Also, it’s true, Elyza loves her mommy most. I’m a close 2nd though :) and I think there might be one unfair advantage in winning her affections, aka nursing. Even though it’s just 1 of the thousands of reasons she loves you. Just sayin’ :)

  • Nichole

    You are for SURE a close second, considering she is napping on you longer than she has been napping on me all week, lol.

  • Myriah Grubbs

    I’m sad to say that I haven’t watched but the very first episode of biggest loser this season. i had really good intentions of catching up… it feels really hard now, i’m so far behind. waaaaay too long. you are right.

  • charis

    i would say i have to be the third in her world. that girl loves me. maybe she is confused sometimes and thinks i am her mama. i will let her stay confused.

  • Cherylyn

    Hahaha aha so funny.

  • leah valenzuela

    lol oh kylie shes so funny!! what funny is is saved a paper with a name on it for baby names :)

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