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I come from a long line of creative people. It’s in my blood. I could go into each and every family member of mine and describe to you all of their amazing creative attributes… but that would take ages – so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

My design skills in the realm of graphic design all started in 2005/2006 when my friend Morgan and I decided to start a website offering free myspace layouts. We figured out how to put them together on our own and loved doing them so much that we needed a place to store them (as we were constantly making new ones and changing up the layouts we had). With this idea came the thought that we might as well offer them to others for free, instead of just letting them sit somewhere in cyberspace. Little did we know our site would become as big as it did. We started realizing (thanks to google) people from all over the globe were using our layouts. When our site was doing well we’d have as many as 30,000 unique visits a month, which was definitely much higher than we ever anticipated. What started as a hobby also birthed a love for the graphic design world for me.

We decided to close our website with over 2,000 layouts in the Summer of 2010 when the decline in the use of myspace became more significant, but that didn’t stop me from loving to use my computer as a creative outlet. Instead I’ve kept myself busy making baby announcements, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, Christmas cards, piano chord charts, and blog layouts amongst other things some of which you can see by clicking the “SELLY LOU” tab above.

Because of the influx of requests, I am now offering these things to you.


I have a couple free seamless tiles as well as occasional clip art and free fonts that I use in the designs I make. Most of the backgrounds, patterns, and drawings, etc however are completely put together or drawn by yours truly. I am inspired by anything from cute bedding, to wallpaper,… a cute dress I might have seen, or other things that catch my eye in every day life.



  • Banner/main Header:  $50-100 depending on level of difficulty (judging from the request and info I am sent).
  • Tiled Background: $25
  • Changing text color & back color: $15
  • Favicon: $15
  • iPhone button: $25 (if you already purchased the button & code for your blog then this is discounted to $10)
  • Button & code for others to use for site: $25 (if you already purchased a banner, price is discounted to $15)
  • Side title headers (i.e. archives, categories, comments, blogs I love, etc) $15 for the first one and $2 for each additional sidebar header if all of the headers are the same (like mine) .
  • Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter buttons $7 each.

I primarily have used wordpress or blogspot in blog design — any other blog site I am currently unfamiliar with, but that does not mean I can not do the things offered above, just send me a message.

Important: I allow for up to 3 revisions so please make sure when you contact me you are specific with colors and the design look you are going for. I am completely open to helping you find a way to express what your style is if you don’t feel confident in explaining it.



  • Custom invitations/Announcements: $30 per side. Remember this is for something custom, I do offer invites and announcements that are already built on my etsy site. (You will receive the jpg and be able to print as many as you want).
  • Custom wedding invitation prices may vary from pricing above depending on level of difficulty.


  • Custom banner – $30
  • Custom avatar – $15
  • Custom button code for a blog – $25 (if you have not purchased a banner or avatar already) $15 (if you have purchased banner or avatar).
  • Custom business cards, blog button, etc – contact me. If I’ve already done a banner/avatar for you price will be a lower price than from one I have to create from scratch.


for more info please contact me at




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    I just wanted to leave you a note to tell you that you inspire me! I love your blog, everything about it. I love your blog style. Just wanted to say that! Blessings!