7 years? Check.

June 23, 2012
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So I wrote this blog a couple weeks ago and I keep forgetting to post it, but I recently (as of June 4th) completed 7 years of being a parent. 7 YEARS!!! That’s like… a decent portion of my life right? Being that I’m only 22 and all. . I like to think of myself [...]

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My best interuptions

October 9, 2011
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Having kids does not come easy to me. From the moment Daniel & I decide to have another kid, until the moment that baby is in my arms I will tell you: it is not easy. I’m not going to go into detail in regards to why, but for starters I’m not one of those [...]

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Wanderings from a wandering mom

August 30, 2011
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To tell you the truth… I’ve thought of my lovely blog visitors while I’ve taken my “temporary hiatus”. I’ve just been in too much of a funk to write…. err… finish what I’ve written because many a post has been started both in my head and on my laptop . Blame it on the stomach [...]

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Gone missing

July 18, 2011
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Dear people who are stalking me… errrrr… my blog readers, Though I might not have blogged on the wonderful world of the internet over the last 11 days, I have blogged to you in my mind. Talking to myself??? Nooooo, not me. I’m just blogging without my fingers typing away on the keys. I apologize. [...]

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Wasted tears

June 17, 2011
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Something I’m thinking about… Because of a post on Facebook of all things, lol. I told you here, my fingers cannot resist sharing their opinion. People, I was not lying. muahahahaha. …. annnnyway. **Warning: Below I will write my possibly offensive opinion. Read at your own risk ** One of the things I have the [...]

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Somewhere over the rainbow… cake abides…

June 13, 2011
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I wrote that all by myself. Sung to the tune of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”… in case you didn’t catch on. Nope, I’m not cheesy at all. So…. it’s been awhile!! You missed me right? Yes, I know I know…. checking every day to see if anything is new… or not. What can I say, [...]

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A graduation of sorts

June 3, 2011
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6 years ago today I packed up my bags to go the the hospital – was induced and started labor. Funny, I went to the hospital and did not think I would come back with a baby. I even planned going to coffee with 2 friends the very next day. How weird I was! It [...]

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May 6, 2011
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Dear K, I want you to know how beautiful you are. You are so beautiful. You have these big blue eyes, and the fairest, most beautiful skin. Your cheeks are tinged pink when you laugh, and you have 2 adorable dimples on the left side of your face: one in the middle of your cheek [...]

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I win :)

April 12, 2011
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I wake up with a to do list. Not necessarily written out on paper, but I have one – it’s imaginary…. ah, in so many ways. Imaginary because I don’t ever write it down so… it’s not really a list… But more so imaginary because I actually have the naiveté  every morning to actually think [...]

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